Efficacy and phytotoxicity aspects

Oxydemeton-methyl is proposed to be used by ground rig or by air to control aphid pests of brassica vegetable crops, cotton (NSW, QLD, NT and WA only) and lupins (NSW, VIC, SA and WA only).


The rate of use varies between crops; 1.1 L/ha for brassica vegetable crops; 300 mL/ha for cotton; and 300 mL/ha or 560 mL/ha for lupins, depending on aphid pest being controlled.  The maximum number of applications proposed per season are 3 for brassica vegetable crops, 2 for cotton and 1 for lupins.


Data presented by Bayer Australia Limited supported claims that Metasystox R Systemic Insecticide adequately control aphids in brassica vegetable crops, cotton and lupins.  The data were gathered from a range of replicated and unreplicated trials.


The data were adequate to satisfactorily assess efficacy when used according to the label directions.


All trials reported no observed phytoxicity from the application of Metasystox R Systemic Insecticide to brassica vegetable crops, cotton or lupins.


This publication provides a summary of the data reviewed and an outline of the regulatory considerations for the proposed application of the chemical oxydemeton-methyl as an insecticide for the control of aphids in brassica vegetable crops, cotton and lupins.  It also seeks public comment prior to the chemical product being approved for use in Australia.


Responses to public consultation will be considered prior to registration of the products detailed in this document.  They will be taken into account by the APVMA in deciding whether the product should be registered and in determining appropriate conditions of registration and product labeling.


Copies of full technical reports on occupational health and safety aspects, environmental impact, and residues in food are available from the APVMA on request.



Bayer Australia Limited has applied for registration of an insecticide product containing a new active constituent, oxydemeton-methyl, a metabolite of a previously approved active constituent, demeton-S-methyl.


Product details

Oxydemeton-methyl will be marketed under the trade name Metasystox R Systemic Insecticide , an emulsifiable concentrate product containing 250 g/L oxydemeton-methyl.


Metasystox R Systemic Insecticide will be formulated and packed inside Australia.


Bayer Australia Limited intends to market Metasystox R Systemic Insecticide for the control of aphids in brassica vegetable crops, cotton (NSW, QLD, NT and WA only) and lupins (NSW, SA, VIC and WA only).

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