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  • In the ever-changing business dynamics of the current competitive market landscape, successful businesses strive to gain strategic insights backed by in-depth analysis through qualitative and quantitative data. We help our clients by employing consolidated business data analytics that provides them with cutting-edge BI solutions. These BI solutions enable more insightful decision-making and increase revenue and profits.
  • Business consultation services assist in transforming raw data for more practical business analysis purposes. BI analytics help to uncover hidden trends that can enhance business development. We provide Business Intelligence solutions that help make informed business decisions and ensure the proper implementation of business strategies. We have engaged with companies to enable them to seek and grow new markets for their products, identify potential customers, predict risk, and launch new products across different geographies.
  • Our Business Intelligence services help companies analyze their capabilities to leverage several kinds of data and consistently improve their business practices by making informed choices. As a business analytics company, we closely work with the clients to evaluate their challenges and goals to certify that we provide appropriate BI services to meet the needs and offer a competitive advantage in the market.

Featured Services


Market intelligence services are vital for leading organizations worldwide to define and formulate business winning strategies through specifics and data analytics.


We provide a customer insights platform with a team of market researchers and statistical data analysts to map customer insights with our clients’ operational strengths. Trends in customer behavior are analyzed in detail to provide non-obvious insights.


Competitor market research analysis is the most crucial element of any company’s marketing and R&D strategy. We provide competitive intelligence services that offer a decisive edge to a company and allow management and R&D teams to benchmark their IP position against the rival competitors.


we offer our expertise in locating and evaluating potential suppliers and partners objectively in terms of their IP, technology, pricing, and quality certifications. Our clients trust our supply chain market research to understand critical qualifying criteria for vetting potential suppliers and providing a list of ‘best fit’ recommendations based on the client’s requirements.


As the global regulatory landscape across different sectors experiences unprecedented changes, our regulatory landscape services help clients to be well-informed about modern developments within the regulatory compliance environment.


Our social media intelligence team combines its social media analysis expertise with insights and data derived from market research to produce broad market awareness. Our social media market research experts hold industry expertise and serve insight into social media analytics solutions.


Market sizing analysis is a process of estimating a market’s current scenario in terms of companies overall revenue while dealing in any particular market.


A diverse ecosystem comprises suppliers, customers, distributors, competitors, collaborators, and so on. Each business in the ecosystem is uniquely positioned and interacts with other ecosystem entities through continually evolving relationships.


Companies worldwide are in a fierce and intensely competitive environment, where businesses need to have a hawk-eye on the competitor’s work, technology inclination, services, and policies. Company profiling portrays an in-depth analysis of its business, structure, financials, product portfolio, key developments and strategies, vendor analysis, etc.


Ingenious through its expertise can help it’s clients in understanding the key differentiating aspects they have than other players operating in the similar domain. We provide holistic solutions to the clients for providing them a distinctive place in the market.


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