Fixing Glass Emergency Glaziers London: Never try DIY!

The world is full of DIY, and there are many resources online on the various ways to accomplish things, from repurposing vintage furniture to vertical gardens and numerous other exciting things. However, there are a few DIY projects that the old saying “don’t try this at home” is true. One is glass Emergency Glaziers London repairs (i.e., window repairs, sliding doors repairs, and replacing other significant glass components within the home). When you look at the unorganized chaos of glass in your home, the alarm bells sound, and you are frightened – and there’s a high chance this is the correct reaction as you might require urgent glass repair. However, just because something is urgently required does not mean you have to be the person to take it on!

There’s some hazardous advice available on the Internet concerning this work. On the other hand, Australia is a job subject to compulsory standards and requires certification and qualification. It’s not an easy job – which is the reason why the profession of glazier is. Making a mistake can result in injury to yourself or those you love. This is why we strongly advise against DIY glass repairs. Likewise, you should only leave your repair of glass, window, or sliding doors repair requirements to a certified and accredited professional.

Here are a few examples of dangers you might have received regarding DIY glass repairs. This is an excellent reference on what to avoid. Be sure to tell your children (or cousins, nieces, and nephews) not to believe that because you’ve seen it on the internet or that a friend of yours has said it doesn’t mean it’s true. Sometimes, there is no advice that is more valuable than bad advice!

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Fixing Glass Cracks Using Nail Polish

We’re astonished that this ancient legend persists and we’d like to clarify that nail polish isn’t the best way to repair scratches in the glass. It can be used to prevent the holes in pantyhose from becoming more extensive, so if you have been a ballerina at home and have costly pink tights, you can use it. If you’ve noticed cracks in your window, to the utmost delight of everything holy and cracky, take that nail polish aside and contact an expert. This is the same for superglue chewing gum or duct tape not.


Removal Of Broken Glass By Using A Towel

This is the suggestion where the result could be going to the ER by Placing a towel on the broken window, then using a hammer to smash these pieces. We’ve previously written about the best ways to remove glass fragments strewn across the floor. You can read more about it here. However, please keep the broken window or sliding door untouched. Safety first!


Utilizing A Windshield Repair Kit

There’s a lot of advice on forums regarding using windshield repair kits to repair broken windows. This could be a disastrous idea. After all, it’s never a perfect idea to use them to repair windshields based on the severity of the damage and the skills you have at DIY. It’s not something you’d want to do to see glass shards flying at you while traveling at high speeds. If you have broken windows, you’re dealing with fragments of glass that could hurt your body, and applying the resin afterward requires cutting with a blade. There’s the potential for being injured in this situation. The kits could lead to cracked glass that is worsened or cracked as well as severe injuries—hard pass.

It’s enough to say that DIY repair of glass is usually not a wise choice – it’s crucial to let experts in glass repair. We’re fortunate to have 15 years of expertise in glass repair and emergencies in glass repair in London. We can safely claim that you’ve found the experts with us at Westview Glass! Learn more about why we’re the best choice to repair your glass here, and then contact us!

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