How Does Carpet Cleaning Chemicals Affect Health and Air Quality?

We all want our carpets to be neat and clean to keep our home healthy and beautiful. right? After all, carpets are an integral part of our home decoration. Besides, it provides us with comfort and warmth in the shivering cold. But the dirt and dust that set on the fibre of the carpet kills the elegance of caret. It also lowers the hygiene of our homes. That is the reason carpet cleaning is always on our must-do list. Right?

In London carpet cleaning companies are available in huge numbers. It may be too confusing to select the perfect one. As in today’s time, there is a thin line which differs carpet cleaning companies from one another. One of the vital differenciator is the cleaning chemicals applied in the cleaning process.

Toxic Chemicals Used In Carpet Cleaning

Majority of carpet cleaning companies in London use comparatively soft carpet cleaning chemicals. But the fact is that few of them apply a little quanitity of toxic synthetics. That can lead to  serious health issues. Lets check a few of the deadly chemicals applied during rug cleaning.

perchloroethylene, This is a very widely used dry cleaning synthetic. It can cause fatigue, nausea and dizziness. It is also responsible for damage to the kidney as well as liver.

Naphthalene is a famous chemical which plays an important role in dissolving dirt. Naphthalene is a by-product of coal. It is also applied as a deadly pesticide to get rid of small insects like moths. Naphthalene can cause nausea, nerve and liver damage. Sometimes It also causes vomiting and confusion.

Butoxyethanol, This chemical can enter your body through breathing as well as direct touch to skin. This is a toxic one and has potential to cause damage to the liver, kidney and nerve system.

How Does Carpet Cleaning Chemicals Affect Air Quality?

Besides making our home beautiful, carpets play an important role as filters of our airy home. It traps dirt and bacterias in the air. This plays a vital role in  improving the quality of air of our residences. However, with growing dust on them, carpets may not do it so efficiently. So when we get our carpets cleaned, we hope that it improves the air quality in our home,

There is always a possibility of the opposite situation. Many of us may have experienced a bad smell such as mildew past cleaning. We should ensure that a carpet is not wet for a longer period of time, Since the wetness in the carpet is the best  situation for mildew to develop. This results in poor air quality inside the home.

Checklist While Selecting A Carpet Cleaner

Many rug cleaning companies use toxic chemicals which may be dangerous to us, our families, and our pets. Some carpet cleaning companies are still using tiny amounts of hazardous chemicals that could lead to negative health problems. In the past, rather powerful chemicals were used in cleaning commercial carpeting, which can impact the quality of the air inside. Some of the cleaning solutions used by carpet cleaning companies — particularly the spot-removing products — could be especially hazardous, as they contained chemical solvents that are similar to the ones used by dry cleaners.

Non-Toxic Cleaning agents with Green-Certification

As was already noted, the majority of carpet cleaning agents are fairly gentle. There is a distinction between a chemical cleaning solution being “non-toxic” to “not too toxic,” though. Make sure to select a professional carpet cleaning company for your carpets. Do ensure that they utilise a cleaning solution that should be safe for the environment as well as you. It is necessary that the selected one use cleaning products that only contain components on the FDA’s list of those that are Generally Recognized As Safe.

Dry Period should be Shorter

As noted earlier, mildew and bacteria quickly grow in wet carpets. So it is a must to select a professional carpet cleaning company that commits to a shorter drying period. Ensure, the technician doesn’t end the job with soaking wet carpets. You can sense a high risk of musty and smelling rugs If the drying period is more than 24 hours.

In General, Steam cleaning takes longer times to dry compared to carpet cleaning with the help of carbonation. Because the carbonation needs less water to proceed.

Effective Cleaning and Proper Execution

We have to ensure that a carpet cleaner performs effective clenaing. After all, for the best turnaround proper execution matters a lot. The best way is to search for the top carpet cleaning service providers. After all, the business can’t grow with inferior practices.

Some of the carpet cleaners apply such cleaning solutions which produce a stick layer. This film captures dust and dirt, Thus, carpets may not remain cleaner for longer. Simply avoid them.

Reviews Matters

Have a look at reviews and testimonials. Check what other local people have to share about the potential company. No company will Say that they are bad at their job, But what really matters is what their customers say about them. Read and analyse all types of reviews – Positive and negative, Check the relevance of them. This will help you select the most efficient expert for your carpet cleaning.

Conclusion – Safety first !!

Clean and well maintained carpets belong to the must have list of many of us.   They  play an important role in keeping our home healthy and beautiful. Selecting the best carpet cleaning company like Ryan carpet cleaning ensure this purpose. Ryan is among the top notch of London carpet cleaning companies. As they believe in genuine business practice  and strong ethics,

Such professional carpet cleaning companies never compromise with the quality of their services, And that is the reason we find positive word of mouth and reviews about their services. They use cleaning products that only contain components on the FDA’s list of those that are Generally Recognized As Safe. This ensures the safety of indoor air and  carpets, It also saves us from deadly disease and allergies.

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