How to Select the Best White Cambria Quartz Countertops

There’s bright white, then there’s beigy-white, and then there’s whitish grey. How do you decide which white cambria quartz countertops in Orange County are right for your kitchen when there are hundreds of samples to pick from?

Inside, we’ll examine the most common white quartz countertop selections and assist you in selecting the best quartz hue for your project.

Cambria Brittanicca quartz has grey veins

Cambria Brittanicca has been a popular pick since its introduction in 2015. If you’re looking for a nearly white slab, this isn’t it, but if you want something with a little more movement, don’t pass it up.

If you want an all-white kitchen but don’t want it to be overly prefab quartz countertops in Orange County, this is a fantastic option. Including a quartz countertop with significant movement, will assist to break up all the white. Brittanicca’s veining has cold tones overall; this is not a warm white.

Britannica Cozy

Brittanicca Warm is a much warmer slab than Cambria Brittanicca. Overall, the slab is much warmer, and nearly off-white in appearance.

Large greige/bronze veining adds warmth to the slab. Warm, like Brittanicca, has large-scale veining, so be sure you want quartz that stands out if you choose it.

Gold Calacatta

Calacatta Gold is a white quartz with grey, beige, and gold veining. This slab features large-scale veining, but it makes a different statement in terms of veining than the two possibilities above. If you enjoy veining but not too much, this is something to consider.


CalacattaNuvo is a beautiful creamy white with very slight grey veining that almost looks like marble.

Because it is so neutral, CalacattaNuvo goes well with a wide range of paint colours.


StatuarioMaxiumus is quite similar to CalacattaNuvo in that it has a nearly identical creamy white base colour, but with considerably more noticeable veining. Cloud White, a very creamy, off-white paint hue with taupe undertones, looks excellent with Statuario Maximus.

Ella Cambria

Cambria Ella has lovely tones—a dazzling snow white base with lines of grey. Unlike Brittanicca and Brittanicca Warm, the veining on this stone is quite thin, but it flows like waves throughout the stone.

Cambria Ella looks great with Silver Satin, an off-white paint colour with grey undertones, and Distant Gray, another off-white paint colour with grey undertones.

Classic Calacatta

Calacatta Classic may be for you if you enjoy the look of Cambria Brittanicca but want something less striking in terms of veining.

Classic is a lovely choice of dazzling white quartz with grey veining. Thinner grey lines enhance more prominent grey veins, creating substantial movement.

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