IEC Certificate: Information Security Risk Management Training for Organizations

How to initiate the implementation of information security risk management processes? IEC 27005 enables risk management training for employees and staff to thoroughly increase the information security and help the organization to achieve its objectives. In the following we shall discuss the principles, objectives & benefits.

From policy setting to tool utilization for information security, organizations take evolving procedures into account for network and infrastructure security that prevent unauthorized access, theft of private information, data disruption or modification, data tampering, malware intrusions, phishing, etc. Therefore, data privacy training is an essential part of information security.

Over the years, information security has received mixed responses from organizations, where two extremes could be seen: robust information security practices & lack of importance to IS measures. If an immediate scenario is viewed, organizations that don’t essentially practice information security risk management face serious obstacles to achieve their objectives.

Major 3 Principles of Information Security

The information security program should cover the basic tenets of confidentiality, integrity and availability.

1. Confidentiality

One of the key factors to ensure information security is to ensure prevention of unauthorized disclosure or access to organizational information. Based on this principle, only authorized access & visibility permitted to individuals can utilize for performing organizational functions.

2. Integrity

Data integrity is core to accurate and reliable data. Any malicious or incorrect modification should be prevented. This includes unauthorized changes like additions, alterations, deletions, etc.

3. Availability

Solid infrastructure and applications should make data and information fully available to individuals whenever required. Organizational processes require this data for performing different activities.

Objectives of Information Security

From preparing an effective strategy to measuring systems & functions to securing four layers of information security, the objectives to fulfill the requirements make a great impact on improving the outlook of a business organization or entity.

Outlining a strategy must begin with discussing the outcomes, which should get aligned with key business objectives. Measuring information security function outcomes, conducting a cost analysis, defining a policy and securing four layers must follow through to achieve these objectives.

Risk Management Training & Benefits

Risk management approach to practice information security helps protect an organization.

Benefits of risk management training include:

Effective implementation requires gaining of necessary skills & techniques. A solid training program enables the employees to follow through the risk-based approach.

Legal and regulatory compliance measures get aligned with information management security process through an effective training procedure.

Gain expertise in managing information security system for organizational functions.

How to achieve reliable quality training?

Covering fundamental principles to advancing skills of risk assessment and management – a wide range of courses are available in the marketplace. However, one doesn’t simply get through a same-for-all concept of training.

Reliable educators or training courses available must design a course to meet the needs of any organization without compromising on the principles of information security. Leaders must integrate with training course providers to ensure real-time implementation of those practices and work towards continual improvement.

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