New Branch Tawfeer Supermarket : Different, Unique Experience

In a country where each area includes different types of audiences with different preferences, meeting their demands is key.

After launching the first Tawfeer Supermarket and observing its success, CEO Rami Bitar decided to expand this project throughout Lebanon. He believes studying each area’s economic movement is crucial in developing more Tawfeer Supermarket branches.

An aspect that Tawfeer Supermarkets pride themselves on is the continuous offers and discounts. Consequently, one of the efforts done in expanding this business is inserting different kinds of offers that vary from one branch to another. This will not only encourage citizens of different areas to visit Tawfeer Supermarket, but it will also portray each branch’s specialty.

According to Rami Bitar, investing in new branches means investing in harder work and more effort. This reinforces more responsibility on Tawfeer Supermarkets to maintain their quality level and ensure customer happiness nationwide. For this reason, ensuring an equally-satisfying experience in all branches has become necessary.

Furthermore, the business is keen on ensuring that the audience is well-treated and informed. For this reason, Tawfeer Supermarkets maintain an interactive ambiance on social media with their audience from around Lebanon, each of whom is interested in a different branch. This has resulted in positive feedback in which followers are now asking for even more branch openings due to the specialties they are witnessing in each branch differently.

Recently, Tawfeer responded to a follower asking about the possibility of a branch opening in Jeita, in which they replied affirmatively by claiming that they will do so “soon.” This expansion policy that Tawfeer Supermarket follows has proved successful throughout the years as customers are demanding more. Similarly, by listening to customers’ requests, Tawfeer recently relocated their Zkak el Blat branch to Raouche; per the customers’ needs and to ensure a better, more comfortable experience.

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