Overview of wall mounted compressed air dryer and its applications

  • Compact in design, lightweight and easy to operate
  • Consistent dew point ranges from 3oC — 7oC
  • Comes with dual mounting & wide range of models available.
  • Contains easy to clean auto drain valve
  • Operated on cyclic energy-saving mode.
  • Eco-friendly system
  • Easy for installations — wall mounting brackets provided.
  • Comes up with ready-to-mount cabinets. It is completely assembled, wired, and piped & ready for operation.
  • Optional with filter, but adding filters provides additional protection to the compressed air system.
  • Low-pressure drop and weld less frame.
  • The capacity of the product ranges from 20–60cfm
  • The working pressure of the product is 7–16Kg/cm2 (g)
  • The pressure dew point at the outlet is 3–7°C
  • The maximum inlet temperature is 45°C (g) and
  • Outlet temperature range between 30–35°C

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