Powder Coating From Rustylions Delivers a Flawless Finish.

How is the finest powder coating finish achieved? Hire the experts at Rustylions Powder Coating in New Jersey to have the job done the first time correctly. Our professional, skilled, and friendly team will collaborate with you to bring your idea to life in a beautiful and problem-free manner. With our expertise and experience, we can guarantee that the output of your project will be just what you need, whether it is an industrial component for a business or a personal initiative.

We provide comprehensive services, beginning with powder coating services and extending to industrial powder coating and more. Contact us right now for a free estimate! Traditional spray painting, also known as wet coating, involves applying paint to metal surfaces through brushing, rolling, dipping, or other techniques. In contrast, industrial powder coating is an electrostatic technique that employs electrical energy to generate a thin and resilient surface from dry powder pigment and resin.

Consider it electrostatic spraying, and you will be close. The powder cannon charges powdered coatings, which are subsequently attracted to grounded items such as steel panels. The ultimate effect is a smooth, uniform coating devoid of brush strokes or leaking (depending on how much power you use). A qualified technician may apply up to one thousand square feet each hour!

Consequently, industrial powder coating is well suited for large-scale projects where excellent outcomes are crucial. Additionally, there is no need for several coats; a single application is sufficient. Powder coating is 100 percent water-based and creates nearly no airborne emissions, while typical spray painting produces pollutants and debris that is released into the environment. This makes it a very secure solution for anybody who deals with sensitive technology.

Powder coating services has all of your powder coating requirements in Northern New Jersey covered. We specialize in industrial & residential applications, in addition to tailored designs and massive projects. With cutting-edge technology and a wealth of expertise, you can rely on our team for the perfect powder coating finish – every time!

Numerous crucial advantages hold true for selecting our firm for powder coating in northern New Jersey. We are situated in a convenient area, have a keen eye for detail, and have decades of expertise delivering excellent service. Simply contact us at 1- 347-613-8103 or 973-459-8515!


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