Rhodolite jewelry – the color raspberry made crystal

Red garnets in history

Rhodolite is part of the garnet family and it is true that red garnets in particular have a long history in jewelry. The pharaohs used red garnets and in ancient Rome they were carved in relief and set in rings that served to seal the wax. They have been loved in medieval nobility and coveted in Stuart and Victorian jewelry. Although the specific variety of rhodolite garnet became famous much later.

Only in the 1980s was a deposit containing this rare type of garnet discovered in the USA, in the Cowee Valley, in Macon, North Carolina. Indeed, its name comes from the rhododendron flower, which is the official flower of North Carolina.

Rhodolite, a gem of many qualities

Rhodolite has excellent hardness, 7 to 7.5 on the Mohs scale, which guarantees a long life.

It is loved by designers and creatives and has been part of the roster of gemstones used in high jewelry for years.

It has a great shine.

Being a garnet, it is a type II gem that has small inclusions to the naked eye, and for this reason it is worth noting that rhodolite is the garnet with the fewest inclusions.

The color of rhodolite

We know that the fundamental criterion when selecting a gem is its color. Raspberry is the color that is generally associated with this dream gem but it is also true that its tonality is much more complex, some great jewelers speak of a wine color with violet or purple sparkles. This wonderful and sophisticated combination of tones is due to the formation of its crystal lattice, which includes two types of garnet: Almandine and Pyrope.

Pure Almandine garnet is purplish purple in color while Pyrope garnet is the typical blood red garnet. Hence, the combination of both gives rhodolite its characteristic color. Added to this, rhodolite has cleaner crystals and a more resounding shine.

Rhodolite in high jewelry

Since the last century, rhodolite has been incorporated as a precious stone to be used in high jewelry. Today this gem is used in designs like other purple-red stones, such as rubies, spinels or tourmalines and is present in splendid jewels of the largest world brands in the sector.

Many opt for rhodolite since it is a gem that does not undergo any alteration to obtain its color, while the vast majority of the aforementioned gems need treatments to optimize their hue and transparency.

In high jewelry there has been a tendency for some decades to explore and experiment with lesser-known gemstones or that are not usually incorporated into high-value pieces. This logically paved the way for rhodolite in the big jewelry firms. The creatives and designers of the moment opt ​​for rhodolite due to the beauty of its color and its unusual brilliance and crystalline perfection.

That is why it is not lacking in the collections of Bulgari, Cartier, Chopard or Mikimoto, just to mention some of the great firms that have incorporated rhodolite in their collections for several years.

Jewelry with rhodolite and garnet

Being more affordable than other purple-red gems, rhodolite is a great alternative for those who love everyday silver jewelry. It is also true that a large rhodolite is the exception that confirms the rule and, in this case, it will also have a higher price.

But for a beautiful ring in silver – with or without secondary stones – a beautiful rhodolite is an excellent choice. In the Juwelo collections, rhodolite is present in various jewels: whether they are earrings, rings, pendants or bracelets. In Kabeer Agate, one of the nests metaphysical stores you can buy rhodolite jewelry, garnet jewelry and many other precious stones, fashion jewelry and extraordinary beauty at sensational prices.


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