Seamless Steel Pipe Is Better Than Solid Pipe

The seamless steel pipe is a hollow section steel. The hollow pipe means that the steel pipe is hollow. It is for this reason that the seamless pipe is used in a large amount in transportation, and the steel pipe has been passed. The seamless treatment and the precision of the pipeline are also very good, so that users can use the seamless steel pipe more conveniently in transportation, such as transportation of oil, natural gas, tap water and so on.

When the seamless steel pipe and the ordinary solid steel pipe are in many aspects the same, the weight of the former is very light, which makes it a new economical steel, so it is used in the manufacture of parts and mechanical parts. Oil drill pipe, bicycle frame, barrel and so on. Moreover, the use of seamless steel pipe can improve the material utilization rate without the waste of raw materials, and the production process can be simplified. For example, the current jacks, rolling bearing rings and the like are all made using seamless steel pipes. It can be said that they can be seen everywhere in life.

The welded pipe is usually welded after the flat plate is bent, and we can find a welded seam on the steel pipe. The diameter of the welded pipe is relatively thick, which is a spiral weld pipe. The seamless steel pipe is formed by laminating the molten steel in a molten state through a ring slit and then stretching, and the like, so that there is no weld. In terms of the pressure bearing capacity of the performance, the performance of the seamless steel pipe is better, so it is generally used on high-voltage equipment. The welded part of the welded pipe is the most vulnerable to the mitigation, and the quality of the welded joint will also affect the overall performance of the steel pipe.

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