September 24, 2023

SST Online Training Approved by NYC DOB for Workers and Supervisors

For workplaces like construction sites, chemical or manufacturing industry, safety is the topmost priority. Safety measures, rules and regulations related to the specific industry need to be essentially followed to avert occupational hazards. It becomes important that workers and employees are well-versed with safety and wellbeing at the workplace. Proper training and continuing education for safety related procedures is a must for all the employees.


Due to a large number of serious injuries, falls, concussions, machine related and other injuries, the federal government formed OSHA – an agency empowered to provide rules and regulations for safety and wellbeing of workers. The New York City Department of Buildings has enacted its own program “Site Safety Training” or SST, to train workers on construction sites of common hazards in a workplace. SST online courses are essential to safeguard the employees on construction sites in New York City. Site safety training is important in construction because it trains the employees and workers to implement construction safety rules and utilize workplace. The training not only help prevent dangerous accidents from occurring in the first place, but they also teach workers how to avoid dangerous situations and how to react to them in a timely manner.


As of December 2019, an SST Supervisor card is mandatory for supervisors at all NYC jobsites with a Site Safety Plan. You can take Site Safety Training for a Supervisor that is completed in 62 hours, comprising of OSHA 30 training and 32 Hours of DOB Site Safety Training.


Site Safety Training for workers is comprised of OSHA 30 and 10 Hours of Site Safety Training which allows you to earn SST Worker card. DOB-approved Site Safety Training courses are prerequisite for construction and demolition workers working at any NYC jobsite with a Site Safety Plan.


Today SST training online is a convenient option for employers and employees to get equipped with the safe workplace procedures. With mandatory safety training provided to all employees, the workers can approach the hazardous duties on a construction site in a safe way. They are alert and able to avoid hazards, as well as learn how to manage and minimize hazards in the workplace.


The SST training is available in-person and online through PDH STAR DOB approved courses. After you successfully complete your SST training, including OSHA 30, you are eligible to receive your SST card, valid for 5 years. New entrants into the New York City construction market, can complete OSHA 10, and receive a Temporary SST card valid for 6 months. They then have 6 months to complete additional 30 Hours of SST courses to receive the full 5-year SST Site Safety card.


The full Worker or Supervisor SST card training can be completed online with PDH STAR, with on-demand courses to suit your busy schedule, and provide a convenient way to stay compliant and avoid hefty fines.


PDH STAR is a premier online training provider for the construction industry. PDH Star provides SST Online Training that is developed to satisfy the DOB requirement for Site Safety Training. PDH STAR is a NYC Department of Building approved course provider with license number 6M86. They offer SST Online Training for Workers and Supervisors.

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