September 29, 2023

Tawfeer Delivery: Shop in your comfort

Being ready for change is power in a world where change is indispensable.

To align with the customer’s high dependence on the internet, Tawfeer Supermarkets launched their new application on the 21st of June. Tawfeer Delivery allows customers to shop for their needed goods and deliver them to them.

According to Rami Bitar, Tawfeer Supermarkets’ CEO, there is always a “strive to reach the market’s evolving needs.” Being present online has become an increasingly important aspect for such stores. People will now have the alternative to shop at the lowest prices possible while still enjoying the comfort of their homes.

As a start, the mobile application was keen on not making the customers miss out on any detail from the original shopping experience. Tawfeer Delivery includes all the ongoing promotions that customers can benefit from. Also, it offers multiple payment features whereby customers have the liberty to choose between paying in cash upon delivery or via credit card. As for the delivery process, the mobile application allows customers to pick the time and date that suits them most to receive their order.

As for the quality, Tawfeer Delivery promises freshness on all delivered products in which the delivery staff is always equipped with refrigerated cabinets for goods that need to be refrigerated. This highlights one of many specialties that Rami Bitar is always keen on keeping in Tawfeer Supermarkets: the quality of products. As challenging as the delivery process might be, it is only one of many steps this business takes with full trust of its successful result.

Having the luxury to shop inside a store that holds comparably one of the largest discounted prices is something. Being able to do so while running your errands, finishing your job, or simply lying in bed is something else. Once again, Tawfeer Supermarkets have prioritized the customers’ needs in their work.

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