Tawfeer Supermarket: A Destination for Everyone

While Lebanon witnesses a new period of economic recession, locating discount stores with the cheapest prices possible has become the number one goal for many.

What was founded by Rashed and Rami Bitar as a pilot project in 2013 is now one of the leading discount concepts for FMCG retail in Lebanon. At more than 20 different branches, Tawfeer Supermarket is the primary destination for Lebanese citizens who want to fulfill their shopping needs at an affordable price.

Tawfeer Supermarkets’ concept of selling different kinds of products at a lower price than those offered by competitor stores has made them gain increasing attention in a brief period. They obtained customers’ trust for having lower prices consistently in comparison to other supermarkets.

According to Tawfeer’s CEO, Rami Bitar, the success of this project comes after years of studying the consumers’ behavior in Lebanon. For this reason, Tawfeer Supermarkets’ approach comes from what Mr. Bitar, along with his team, has learned about the Lebanese market throughout the years. From understanding the consumers’ orientation to fulfilling the local market’s needs, Tawfeer came as the answer to what the Lebanese market needed.

When asked about the specialty that Tawfeer Supermarket possesses, the answer is simple: authenticity. Rami Bitar verifies that Tawfeer Supermarkets have proven that in times of economic despair and market competition in the country, the stores’ low prices were never at the expense of their products’ quality. Moreover, Tawfeer Supermarkets hold a top priority in maintaining a prestigious picture that goes with the stores’ ethics and values. The supermarkets’ staff undergo different trainings to meet the required standards.

Finally, the stores are constantly working on uplifting their overall performance and following the necessary criteria that make them stand out. Tawfeer received several quality certificates from Boecker and Bayer, and they strive for more. They are also working on being the first discount store in Lebanon that meets the International Food Standard’s conditions.

Originally published at : https://ramibitar.blogpixi.com/13070256/tawfeer-supermarket-a-destination-for-everyone

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