Types of People That Would Love a Home Dome

Geodesic domes are hemispherical semi-permanent structure or can be permanent structures that are fast gaining popularity. These domes are being used as alternative residences, in eco resorts, and for events among other things. Many people wonder whether a home dome is for them. The best part about geodomes is that they are customizable and flexible. These kits are for everyone from the basic rustic lover to people who need luxury living.

You would probably like living in a geodesic dome if you fall into any of the following categories.

The Nature Lover

Geodomes can be customized with a translucent fabric covering. This will make you feel that you are connected with nature and living outside while being sheltered and warm. Geodomes make the perfect haven when you really want to step out in early spring but are worried about your health. You can insulate it to provide warmth and fill it with plush blankets and pillows to make it more comfortable.

You can install one in your yard as a yoga studio, plant oasis, outdoor gym, sunroom, star-gazing center, book nook, or a rainforest dome.

The Gardener

Geodomes can cater to every level of gardener. Whether you like growing your own food or want fresh herbs in the kitchen – this is the perfect place to grow plants. It provides a nice greenhouse effect that can be helpful towards propagating seeds, storing flowers in the winter, and getting flourishing crop among other things. You will love the seamless fashion in which you can grow plants if you set one up right next to your outdoor garden.

Geodome can be useful for getting plants ready for the summer season during rainy spring days. You can use it to create a cute sitting area, classic greenhouse, propagation area, or hydroponic garden space if you have a green thumb.

The Solitude Seeker

Everyone needs a place now and again to escape and unwind. Geodesic domes can be your place of escape from the day-to-day hustle and bustle. You don’t need to take lengthy and stressful vacations. You can simply head into your backyard for a much-needed time out. You can set up the geodome any way you like – as a sitting area with plants and candles or something more outdoorsy.

You can use the home dome as an art studio, woodworking area, yoga room, succulent haven, atrium, Zen room, craft room, movie theater, or a reading nook among other things.

The Money Getter

Everyone needs side hustles these days to live the kind of lifestyle they want. You can always rent out a home dome to add another revenue stream to your life. People are always on the lookout for new alternative spaces. You could be a pioneer in your area.

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