What are lighting control systems?

Lighting control

Lighting control is a fundamental factor for both the interior and exterior of any building. Lighting control helps create a suitable work environment for users, or can simply be used to create safe spaces. A well-lit place reduces the risk of being attacked by “friends of others”.

Lighting controls go hand in hand with building automation, and consist of systems that allow you to manage the on, off and intensity of lights, both internal and external to a place, using devices such as computers, controls and cell phones. A lighting control system can also be programmed to activate using biometric systems, that is, a person’s biological characteristics such as voice.

A smarter future

Lighting control is widely used in spaces such as shopping malls, banks, parking lots, clinics and smart buildings, because the technology used detects the presence of people or vehicles, depending on the case, and turns on or increases the intensity of the lights, and when it does not detect movement, it dims or turns them off, depending on how they have been programmed.

Lighting control systems also have the function of regulating the brightness or intensity of the lights, based on the amount of natural light that the place is receiving. This generates facilities with a pleasant climate, since artificial lights usually increase the temperature of the spaces by a few degrees, which could be annoying on days that are particularly hot.

Light only when needed

However, a lighting control system expands its impact in many areas in a building. The environmental issue is also very important, and lighting control reduces energy waste to almost zero when no one is using the spaces. You will be helping to take care of the planet, since the necessary lights will be used, neither more nor less, according to the needs of each area, employees, and of course, at the time of day. With a lighting control system, a building can save 10% – 20% of the total electricity bill. This will also be reflected in the reduction of costs in public services, which will surely not hurt the finances of your organization.

But in addition, the lighting of the exterior of the constructions, as we had already said before, has a greater point of importance when protecting and that is to generate a safe environment for those who pass through the place. But it is also important that lighting control help make your business visible, make it eye-catching, and this can be achieved by using the right lights, and if you wish, adding a little more technology, using colors with patterns and shapes that generate impact. Appropriate.

Compliance with regulatory requirements

There are more advanced lighting control systems that provide other very useful tools, such as reporting any damage that occurs to a luminaire, minimizing the impact that the lack of light has on the building. Wherever you look using lighting control in your building will bring positive things. The options are many and it all depends on your needs and the budget you want to manage. Contact a company specialized in the subject so that it can adapt its resources to the optimization of the security, visibility and economy of your company.

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