7 Effective Tips to Deal with Challenges in UPSC & MPPSC Coaching

MPPSC aspirants face many challenges while preparing for the exam. Moreover, even if they join coaching institutes, they face problems like coping with the coaching schedule, completing the syllabus or understanding the concepts. Read here as we discuss the problems faced by students and tips on how to deal with these challenges.

The coaching institutes for UPSC have become the topper maker with the top rank holders in the civil services entrance exam. Aspirants of IAS exams prefer training from top coaching institutes for UPSC in India to crack civil services entrance exams as well as gain a competitive edge.

However, many aspirants who are joining coaching institutes are not able to follow the competitive preparation strategies aimed at cracking MPPSC. Students are under stress as they are not able to cope with the schedule of the coaching institute; syllabus and they get anxious to crack the civil services entrance exam.

Students do not need to worry in such situations rather they should try to find out the problems they may face for their UPSC & MPPSC preparation –

How to overcome challenges with UPSC & MPPSC preparation in coaching institutes?

  1. Introspection – To know the problem areas in your preparation, the first step is to examine the factors such as your peer group, problem in basic understanding of concepts, not raising your doubts, lack of prioritization etc. Therefore, you need to focus on the problems first to understand the problems and then choose effective alternatives to the problems.
  2. Choosing a Study Group – We are what & what we join. So, students must make friends with other aspirants in the coaching institute who are serious towards their objective of cracking MPPSC exam.
  • During the mppsc coaching class in indore, students should focus only on studies and discuss topics and problems beyond the class.
  • This does not mean that students should not follow groups, they should also interact with other classmates but if the discussion is other than studying then you should not be a part of it.
  • Sometimes, some students join coaching institutes under parental pressure but they are not worried about clearing civil services entrance exam. Therefore, you should not be a part of their group as it will distract you.
  1. Understanding of Basic Concepts – Generally students who are slow in learning new concepts face problem in understanding the basic concepts, formulas etc, so they can prepare and follow the syllabus of coaching along with other students. So, you should utilize your spare time to learn these basic concepts only then you will be able to progress in any coaching institute. NCERT books are the best which can help you to get a firm grip on the syllabus. So, refer NCERT books for MPPSC preparation. For example-
  2. Covering the Complete Syllabus –

Make notes: Based on what you learn and your understanding of the concept in your language, you will need to make short notes. This will help you memorize concepts much better than by rote.

Revision: When you do revision by making notes then you will not forget that important and these notes will be helpful in last minute revision.

  1. Get Help from Coaches in the Institute – Aspirants join coaching institutes to get proper guidance for their goal of cracking MPPSC. Students can get better training from the coaching faculty as they are highly experienced and have effective results in the past as well. So, the students who have joined the mppsc coaching in indore must take the help of their teachers if they face any difficulty in any subject.

Always remember, your problems will be solved only by asking the teachers for help. If you hesitate to ask questions then your problem will never be solved and it can hinder your chances of success in MPPSC.

  1. Prioritize your time – Time management is really effective in achieving goals. And for the aspirants of MPPSC, time management and prioritization will help them to maintain a strong schedule for preparation. Effective programs help them to manage their studies, revision as well as personal time for entertainment and leisure Will do So, divide your time for each subject equally after studying for 40 minutes with a break of 15 minutes for fun. Maintain a sleep pattern of 6-8 hours to start fresh for proper rest.


  1. Give Mock Tests – Coaching institutes are popular for their effective mppsc study material and mock tests. These mock tests help you prepare better for the entrance exam by providing you with real-time experience. The mock tests prepared by the coaching institutes are both online and offline so that students can prepare efficiently for MPPSC. Also, coaching institutes organize in-house competitions for their students and this helps the students to identify their strengths and weaknesses.

Conclusion: When students join coaching institutes they seek help to clear MPPSC or any other entrance exam. Till now, the coaching institutes have been helpful for the candidates to make their dream come true. MPPSC or any other civil services entrance exam aspirants, whether they join coaching institutes or prefer self-study, must follow these tips to be successful.

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