Join the Best Digital Marketing course in Lucknow, Get 100% Placement Guarantee!

“NDMIT is Considered as one of the top Digital Marketing Institute in Lucknow. It offers advanced training in Digital Marketing with its Specialized digital marketing course in Lucknow. Our course is designed by experts and it will transform you into an expert Digital Marketer with expertise in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Performance Marketer, Google Ads, Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Social Media Optimization (SMO), Social Media Marketing (SMM), Google Analytics, Web Designing, Graphics Designing & much more. NDMIT more focuses on Practical Knowledge than theoretical. It Offers International client handling, Live Projects & internships, as well as 100% Placement Assurance.”

Which digital marketing institute in Lucknow gives a 100% job guarantee? It’s Time to Find Out


Join the course, Get 100% Placement Guarantee!
“Become A Professional, Get 100% Job Guarantee In Digital Marketing! “


When you join a digital marketing course, you’re usually guaranteed a job upon completion. But is that really true? Is it possible to get a 100% job guarantee?


From national to international companies, many industries are adopting digital marketing. With so much demand for digital marketing professionals, many of you must have decided to make a career in digital marketing. And for that matter, you must have looked for some digital marketing institutes in Lucknow and online courses. Many of them are claiming 100% job guarantee.

But is that really true? Can you really get a 100% job guarantee when you join any digital marketing course in Lucknow?

There are many factors to consider before enrolling in any course, and a 100% job guarantee should not be the only factor. Do your research to find the right course for you, and don’t forget to consider the factors that will help you succeed in your chosen career.


You’ve spent 4 Years in B. Tech, 2 Years in MBA, 5 Years in MCA,3 year in 3 Years in Graduation, to shape your career & develop skills… if these courses could not guarantee you a job…than how can a short-term few month programs build your Career and offer ‘100% Job Guarantee’.

Before join any institute, you got many questions like Is a Digital Marketing Course in Lucknow With Placement Guarantee really feasible? Or is a scam or truth, so here is full fledge blog for guiding the right path in your career and build your career in just 6 months.

This article is a MYTH BUSTER that students who study digital marketing will be guaranteed high-paying jobs.

First, understand this…
Just like any other career choice, getting a job in digital marketing Course in Lucknow won’t happen overnight. It requires dedication, time, and effort for you to land your first job in the field. But before choosing any institute the most important thing is to after completing your course join Digital Marketing Internship, an internship after completing a digital marketing course is a great way to start your career.

By working on projects and gaining real-world experience, you can set yourself apart from other candidates when applying for jobs. With the right attitude and some hard work, you can begin your career in digital marketing! Digital Marketing course and placement all comes down to the individual’s skills of both technical and non-technical types.

There are many “Digital Marketing Institute in Lucknow with Placement Guarantee” courses available, but it is first important to understand the essential skills you need in order to become employable. The skills, education, and experiences required for a successful career in digital marketing are as follows:

Many institutes offer job assistance, but only a few can guarantee you a job after completing Digital Marketing course in Lucknow. Job assistance simply means preparing you for a job and interview through the training program. Ultimately, it’s up to you if you can crack the interview process, depending on your skills and other desired qualifications.

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