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Drawing Kids Do you wish to learn the steps necessary to draw a butterfly? Your kids may quickly learn how to draw a butterfly if you download this easy step-by-step drawing for kids printable.

The kids will learn how to draw a butterfly by following simple instructions. Additionally, we’ve included a traceable image so your kids can practise their handwriting first. Drawing Kids our library of free step-by-step drawing printouts, keeps increasing; the latest is this butterfly sketch. This spring-themed butterfly drawing produces a lovely end product and is ideal for your spring courses.

Resources for Drawing a Butterfly

This directed drawing can be accomplished at home or in any elementary school with a few basic materials. You will need watercolour paints, white art paper, pencils, erasers, thin black markers, or Sharpie pens. I advise using good art paper because it can withstand the water and paint and shouldn’t tear if done correctly.

I advise using a large easel, chart paper, and standing front and centre while instructing this painting lesson to a group of students. Students can use their supplies while seated at their workstations. I move slowly, illustrating each step as I go and giving each lesson one at a time. I provide plenty of time for my pupils to listen and ask questions. If you take your time and model the lesson in this manner, you will be most successful.

How to Draw a Butterfly Instructions


  • Here are all the instructions for drawing a butterfly.
  • A huge piece of white art paper should be laid out in a landscape configuration.
  • Start by drawing a little circle in the centre of the page.
  • Add a larger oval from the bottom and an oval descending from the circle. The three components of a butterfly’s body are as follows (head, thorax, and abdomen).


  • Start on one side and work your way to the other if you want to design broad top wings.
  • Draw a curving wing shape that curves upward from the bottom of the thorax up and around (middle body).
  • On the opposite side, repeat.
  • Start at the outer corner of the top wing and draw a curved wing shape down and back up, connecting with the bottom of the abdomen to form the smaller lower wings (lower body). On the opposite side, repeat.


  • Now embellish the butterfly’s wings with the patterns. Children can use their imaginations and be given some examples here, or they can follow the instructions.
  • Starting from the inside of each lower wing, draw a curved line. Then draw a scalloped line inside of it.
    Finish off by placing a circle in the middle of the additional area.


  • Start with a curved line inside each upper wing for the upper wings.
  • A scalloped line should be drawn inside of that.
  • From each inner point of the scalloped edge to the thorax, draw a curving line (upper body)—repetition on each side.
  • Draw two antennae extending in two directions from the head’s centre.
  • At the conclusion, draw a swirl or circle.


  • Giving the Butterfly More Details Drawing
  • The absence of details on the face would not lessen its beauty and is optional.
  • Draw two circles at the head’s top to add the eyes’ details. Create little curves for the eyelids at the top.
  • Include three tiny eyelashes.
  • Pupils should be drawn and coloured, with a small white dot remaining.
  • If you like, add a tiny heart-shaped nose and a tiny smile.
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