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In today’s world, several students wish to move out of their native country to study and for functional purposes. 

Aspiring students searching online for options for studying abroad feel stuck because they need to qualify for the IELTS exam. Students often wonder if they can get away with the IELTS exam and continue with their dream of studying abroad.  

The point is that the students do have a variety of options for the same because in reality it is not the country that demands the IELTS score but the universities. 

Every country, college, and company have a distinct criterion for selecting students, and even governments have different visa requirements. 

Educational institutions or schools demand IELTS because they wish to test the language knowledge of the students, whether they will be able to deal with English language as the medium of instruction or not.  

In most European countries, proof of English proficiency is important.  Exams like IELTS, TOEFL, and PTE are compulsory to get admission to the university. 

Some English proficiency is also required for candidates wishing to work abroad, a widely accepted test is IELTS. 

About ILETS exam 

ILETS stands for the International English Language test which is designed to help those people who want to study, work or migrate to countries such as Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the USA, and the UK where English is a native language. 

The certificate of IELTS demonstrates the English language proficiency and this is used by over 10,000 educational training providers. 

The grading scale of ILETS is 1-9. It will acquire your writing, listening, speaking, and reading ability during the test.   

An ILETS exam is jointly owned and managed by the British Council, IDP: IELTS assessment of Australia and Cambridge.  

Some details about the ILETS exam are given below: 

Duration: The duration of this exam is approx. 30 min and 10 min extra for transfer of the test. 

The number of questions: It contains 40 questions. 

Question type: The type of questions are MCQ, matching, true-false, note, table, diagram labeling, flow chart, and sentence completion. 

Name of some countries that do not require the ILETS exam for immigration: 

In some countries, you don’t need to take the ILETS exam to migrate or gain a visa. If you migrate to an Asian country such as South American countries, African Countries, or South European countries then you don’t need to give ILETS exam for immigration. Also, if your first language is English then you are able to move to Canada without ILETS or any other countries where you want to study where ILETS exams are mandatory. 

List of some countries where you do not need an ILETS score to migrate: 


Technological advancement is growing in India that’s why most students choose to study in India. A number of thousands of universities in India such as Delhi University, Mumbai University, the Calcutta University, Banaras Hindu University, and many IIT schools also where you don’t need an ILETS score to study.  


Canada has many universities that don’t need an ILETS score to study in canada. Well, this is only for those students who come from those countries where English is a primary language. 

In addition, Canada follows a strict admissions process for students who do not have IELTS scores.  For example, if you attend a school or have lived for the past four years in a country where the primary medium of instruction is English, then you don’t need to give language proficiency proof.   


You don’t need to have to go through the ILETS exam to gain a visa or immigrate to Australia. Although some universities may ask for other proof of native language proficiency. 

Several universities accept students without ILETS scores for graduate and undergraduate programs such as Queensland University, New South Wales University, Swinburne University of Technology, Macquarie University, and many more.  However, there still are universities that offer other tests such as   PTE or CAE. You could even take English training from ELICOS which is explicitly developed for students overseas for attaining higher education in Australia. 


Students having bachelor’s degree which was taught in English do not need to go through ILETS or TOEFL exam. A few universities just demand a letter from the college of the student to variety the language proficiency in English. For example, in Freie Universität Berlin some particular requirements for language for different programs.          


Malaysia is a magnificent country and well-known for the world-class education it offers. You can study for a PhD, programs and Bachelor’s in Masters in Malaysia easily without even giving an IELTS exam. You won’t need to take the language test for these as there is no specific requirement. However, apart from these courses, over 80 percent of universities here do require the IELTS score. 

New Zealand 

A number of institutes and schools in New Zealand wouldn’t require an IELTS but there might be a number of conditions attached for those wishing to not give the IELTS exam. It is suggested that you get a letter from the school stating about your language proficiency in English.  


The Oslo university students who migrate from South African countries do not need to give their IELTS scores. Students from other countries wishing to immigrate or study in Norway have to submit their ILETS scores to migrate.      

Alternative of IELTS              

The substitute for the ILETS exam is immigration pathway programs. These pathway programs are preliminary courses, with the help of these programs’ international students can build their skills, qualification, and knowledge. The time scale of these programs is one year and it does not end with a degree. These are helpful for those students who are unable to meet the course requirements and the subject requirements in English.   

With the help of the pathway programs, those international students who wish to study in abord are allowed to take English as a second language. These courses will not count as a credit toward their degree.  

Many Universities in several countries offer pathway programs for students who want to study abroad.  

When you choose to study in a country that doesn’t demand an IELTS score, you should always double-check the department you’d like to study in and whether that specific department requires an IELTS score or not. You will need to check eligibility. It is recommended that you directly connect with the university or institution and clarify the requirement of the IELTS score. We hope to provide information about which countries do not require an ILETS score for migration and study.             

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