TCS Python Interview Questions – Top 6

Tata Consultancy Services or TCS is one of the biggest software companies in India and across the globe. It’s time to pull in all the resources to secure the best job as the TCS interview is approaching fast. If you are getting up for the TCS interview then you must know about Tcs Python Interview Questions but you don’t need to stress as here is the list of Python interview questions that has got your back throughout the interview. You can learn about Programming Data Structures And Algorithms Using Python.

If you are a fresher than TCS is your best bet to start your career. Besides offering a good workplace it also offers a friendly environment with a positive ambience for the employees growth besides the companies growth. TCS conducts a huge recruitment process every year to select the candidates for the profile of assistant software engineer. TCS wants its employees to be very good in the Python sector besides aligning with the eligibility criteria.

Additionally you need to know that a candidate with only one backlog can appear for the TCS interview but while they are joining the company there should not be any more backlogs.

Some of the TCS Python interview questions that you must know about are as follows

While you are taking up the Java Courses you would have learnt a lot about Python but just knowing about Python does not work as you have to answer some interview questions also so take a look and get prepared for your interview.

You can take up to learn more. 

  1. Is there a scanf or scanf equal?

No both the terms are different as scanf considers the standard input stream while the fscanf reads only the input stream name. Furthermore, sscanf generally reads from the character string. All the functions consider reading the characters and analyses then ask for the format and store the result in the argument.

2. What is a negative index?

Negative indexing of different arrays is supported by the Python programming language, something which is generally unavailable in arrays in other programming languages. It means that the index value of -1 gives the last element.


3. How can we make an array in Python?

To create an array with data type it can be handled by the array module and the value list will be specified in the argument that is useful to manipulate only specific information.

4. What do you need to know about the global and local variables in Python?

There are mainly 2 variable types including the global variable and the local volume. The global variable scope is the entire program while the scope of the local variable is just limited to the function where it is defined.

5. What is self?

The self parameter is  a reference to the current instance of the class that is used to access the variable which generally belongs to that class. It binds the attributes under the arguments given.

6. What are the major loop statements?

For loop and while loop are the 2 major types of loop.


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