September 24, 2023

Store Specializing in The Latest Phone Manufacturing

Looking for Affordable Mobile Phones and the best phone manufacturer store in London? Then you are in the right place. At KICKmobiles we offer a wide array of mobiles & smartphones that come with different designs and hardware. The phones we offer also come in cutting-edge single, dual, triple, and quad cameras and, there are models with stunning selfie cameras. Make use of the filter option and get a list of Samsung smartphones that meet every need of yours. Order the one you like and get it delivered to your doorstep the same day itself! Click here and see the Article about mobile Phones:  The Premium Phone Store is in the London neighborhood of Kensington. Check out this site to learn more about mobile phones, their accessories, and the companies that make them. Shipping is quick, and the service is friendly.

KICKmobiles® Ltd was incorporated in 2008 to cater to global customers with factory-unlocked mobile phone devices. We supply specialized products such as the world’s most Private and Secure, Rugged, Luxury, Classic, Vintage, Gold Customized, Special/Limited Editions, and VIP cell phones. We cater to global customers via our online store and physical luxury store in Kensington-London, United Kingdom.


Personal Assistant to CEO – Kensington Store

We’re looking for a suitable talented candidate. Unlike in other firms PA Roles, here you will be exposed to highest level of daily multi-tasking. Company will train you on the job to adapt you to our company requirements. This is a process which could take well over six months. Hence, we expect only serious candidates aiming for a long term carrier to apply for this role.

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