Why are People Switching to LED Bulbs?

LEDs are a new phenomenon in the lighting industry. For years and years, competition has been going on between CFL(Compact Fluorescent Lamp) and LED (Light Emitting Diode). CFL (Compact Fluorescent lamps) are losing their popularity. When choosing the lights for your commercial areas and residential areas, you might have a wild spree of questions in your head! What’s the major difference between Compact Fluorescent Lamp and LEDs? Which one has better durability? Which lighting apparatus is going to cost more? Which one of these is easy to maintain?

Further in this article, you will find which one is the best pick for your office and home.

Well, the first and small answer is LEDs are the best pick for you. With no second thoughts, LED is the winning bet.

LEDs as a lighting apparatus are designed to provide light more efficiently. LEDs use semiconductors to convert energy efficiently. LEDs are 90% more efficient than incandescent bulbs and show a better performance of 80% in comparison to CFL.

Why are LEDs better in comparison with CFLs?

●  To begin with, CFLs make annoying flickering and humming sounds. On the other hand, LEDs don’t even take time, and you get freedom from the annoying noise. So what’s the reason behind this? The answer to this is the manufacturing process. The compact fluorescent lamp starts when current flows between both electrodes. On the other hand, the LED bulb manufacturing process is way more advanced. LEDs produce lights as soon as the current passes through them.

●  Another point for choosing LEDs is to have a positive effect on the environment throughout time. In comparison to incandescent bulbs, compact fluorescent lamps or bulbs take 25%-30% or less energy. According to research and data available, LEDs use 75%-80% or less energy. Energy government data declared if there is global use of LEDs, 349 TWh of electricity can be saved. This means a total of $30,000 in electricity prices can be saved. With the advancement in the field of technology, the potential to save a considerable amount of finances through energy efficient lights will certainly improve.

●  Another benefit of the same line as LEDs is that they don’t need diffusers or reflectors, the reason being they produce light in the same direction. This allows LEDs to be the perfect fit for the downlight or task lighting.

●  LEDs are the first pick of all interior designers and architects. LEDs as a segment offer several variants and types that can fulfill all the needs and desires of the home and offices. LED panel lights, LED bulbs, LED Strip lights, miniature LEDs, alphanumeric LEDs, etc. the list of LED lights is endless.

●  Colors, tones, and hues are the most important aspects of lighting. One of the benefits of choosing LEDs for your home and office is you will get access to several colors. This enables your designer to choose the lighting perfectly, and all the lighting can perfectly sync with the interiors.

●  LEDs have a longer and more efficiently durable life span in comparison to fluorescent bulbs and incandescent bulbs. LEDs can last up to 25,000 hours, and the durability of CFLs is approx 8,000 hours. This means the performance quality of Compact Fluorescent Bulbs is way poorer than LEDs.

●  You can adjust the frequency of the light beam according to your needs and demands in LEDs. This means you have all the control over the subtleness or high glam of your interiors. And when it comes to Compact Fluorescent bulbs, you don’t enjoy this liberty.

Final Overview

LED bulbs are a perfect and cost-effective choice for your residential and commercial areas as LEDs provide improved and better performance in comparison to Compact fluorescent bulbs and incandescent bulbs. Even though the cost of LEDs might be a lot higher in comparison to CFLs, it’s worth it. The long-term benefits of LEDs can easily outrage the initial low cost of CFLs and incandescent bulbs. Never compromise on lighting at home and offices. LEDs are the best pick with no second thoughts.

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