September 24, 2023

why should you choose metal halide sports lighting for outdoor stadiums

A metal halide sports lighting system from Affordable Lighting can be a perfect choice for outdoor stadiums and with many benefits, these lamps have become a popular choice.

Metal halide sports lighting has been in use as a viable light source since the 1960s. From lighting the streets, parking lots, stadiums, and indoors this lamp has come a long way and was adored for its capability. The greatest ability to emit white light along with their long life and tripled luminous efficacy have made them the prime choice for years. When it comes to outdoor sports, we all love to be in the stands and watch our favorite players, but if there is not enough light, then the enjoyment will decrease.

Keeping this in mind, this article is dedicated to those people who are confused about choosing the outdoor lighting suitable for outdoor stadiums. To help with that, we will look into the history of metal halide lights, the benefits they provide, and a little additional information, so that you can make the right choice.

What are metal halide lamps?

The metal halide lamp is a type of high-intensity discharge lamp. The process through which the lamp work involves an electrical arc going through a gaseous mix of mercury and xenon, thereby creating light. Metal halides are produced as a result of mixing halogen with metal. The metal of metal halide lamps is naturally mixed with iodine or bromine. In addition, the types of metal used determine the color temperature of the light emitted. The lamp is built with two main sections- the outer bulb and the inner arc tube. It is where the magic happens. When the lamp is turned off, the mercury and metal halides condense inside the arc tube and there are two electrodes near the end of the arc tube. When the voltage is given the electricity passes from one electrode to another, vaporizing the mercury and emitting light.

The metal halide is made up of rough materials that can withstand intense processes. For this reason, the inner arc consists of ceramic, and the outer bulb is made of borosilicate glass to minimize the amount of UV radiation that emits at the time of turning on. Few bulbs also use phosphor coating to avoid these radiations to pass.

Now let us know why to choose metal halide sports lighting for outdoor stadiums

For broadest spectrum

Metal halide lamps use ceramic tubes within the bulb, which can withstand much higher temperatures than other materials used in lights. The higher temperature results in creating a light source similar to the sun, as the light is emitted from ceramic metal halide; it is comparable to natural light. So the stadiums using the lamps are getting a wider range of wavelengths of usable lights than other types of light can produce.

Get best CRI
The metal halide provides the highest measures of color rendering index, as compared to other lights. A human eye with a CRI of 100 can fully see objects in natural unobstructed light, which artificial lighting cannot produce. But the metal halide bulbs come very close with the CRI ratings ranging from 80 to 96. This feature is very suitable for stadiums, especially if the match is at night time or after sunset.

Produces less heat

The lamps indeed operate at a higher temperature, but due to the ceramic arc, the bulb emits less heat than other types of halogen lights. This feature is perfect for the outdoors as the lights will not create more heat in the air.

To conclude

With all these features and additional benefits, metal halide sports lighting has become the popular choice for outdoor stadiums for years. If you are looking for an efficient lighting system with a good life span, then Affordable Lighting has a collection of metal halide lamps that can fill up your needs and preferences. Do check out today!

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