Seven-zero misplaced life

The next day was Li Lanxiang’s wedding day. She was supposed to wear a red dress when she got married, but Li Lanxiang went out in the most fashionable green military uniform. The same is true of her partner, wearing a green military uniform and a green army cap, riding a Phoenix bicycle to pick her up. Not only that, but also a dozen or so 80% new bicycles came to pick up the bride. Accompanied by the pleasant sound of the bell, Li Lanxiang sat on the back seat of her partner’s bicycle and got married happily. The whole production team was shocked. It was already the slack season, and the commune members were much more relaxed than they had been some time ago. Even those who were still busy in the fields witnessed this scene with their own eyes. The older ones chirped and said that Li Lanxiang was a lucky girl. Of course, it is also said that young people are not sensible, sewing machines should be bought, bicycles are barely useful, it is too wasteful to buy watches, wearing wrists in summer is fine, who can see in winter. Young people don’t think so. No matter how good the sewing machine is, can it still be taken out to show off? Watches are different, if you really have a watch, even if the weather is cold, you can still roll up your sleeves and work. There is also a big girl and a little sister-in-law who are about the same age as Li Lanxiang. Don’t mention the taste in my heart. Especially just said the object and is about to say, have this scene in mind, hoping to marry when they can be more beautiful than Li Lanxiang. Li Guifang also took little Yuxiu to watch the fun. After all, it was her niece who got married. Even if she didn’t go to marry her aunt,Silver Travertine Slabs, she would always watch her niece go out. Li Guifang’s sister-in-law did not take the local candy made by herself, but gave her sister-in-law several pieces of hard fruit candy bought from the supply and marketing cooperative. Little Yuxiu remembered that she had just eaten this kind of candy a few days ago, and the colorful candy wrappers were still in her pocket, looking longingly at the past. Seeing this, Li Guifang quickly peeled off a piece of candy for her to eat, and stuffed the remaining pieces into the small pocket on her chest. “Sweet?” She said lovingly? Give it all to Yuxiu. He Xiaohong, who witnessed all this, felt particularly uncomfortable,White Marble Slabs, but now she could not care about it, because she saw Zhen Zhu, who was held by Zhou Ping in the crowd. The Miao family stood next to the Li family, while the Zhen family was crowded with other members watching the scene of bustle, separated by a loess road. He Xiaohong almost greedily looked at the opposite Zhen Zhu, not to mention the small Yuxiu who was held in her arms by Li Guifang, even the Zhaodi who squatted at her feet did not attend to her. When the wedding man left, the spectators gradually dispersed, but He Xiaohong’s eyes always followed Zhen Zhu, as if to engrave the appearance of the little fat pier deeply in his heart. Leave! Go home and work! The unpleasant voice exploded in her ears. He Xiaohong only felt that she was a long-term worker who had been bullied by the landlord’s wealth in the old society, but she still had no resistance. She could only lower her head sadly and quietly wipe the tears from her eyes with the back of her hand. She murmured a promise and pulled up Zhao Di and Pan Di to follow her. Zhaodi is six years old this year, and Pandi is also four years old.

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