How to play Stumble guys game?

Stumble Guys, a Fall Guys ripoff, is currently number one on the free iPhone game charts in both the US and the UK.
Stumble Guys, a game created by Finland’s Kitka Games, actually had a limited launch in the months following Fall Guys’ August 2020 PS4 and PC release before going live worldwide in January 2021.
According to data from market intelligence service AppMagic, the game had a mediocre year last year but has really taken off lately (via
Stumble Guys is now ranked in the top 10 of both the US and UK Google Play download lists. Since its introduction, the app has received over 163 million downloads and brought in $21.5 million.
Similar to Fall Guys, the multiplayer knockout game pits players against one another in a succession of bright obstacle courses until only one player is left. It also offers a number of personalization possibilities.
Stumble Guys was also made available for PC in October 2021, and according to the game’s creator, 18 million people play it every day currently.
According to reports, 32.8 million people downloaded Stumble Guys in June, which resulted in user expenditure of $6.6 million. On June 25, when 1.5 million gamers downloaded the game in a single day, downloads reached their peak.
Just four days after Fall Guys went free-to-play last month, Stumble Guys 2 downloads peaked. Fall Guys was also made available for the first time on June 21 via the Epic Games Store, PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and Nintendo Switch.
The PC version was also taken off Steam’s sales platform, however those who already purchased it will still receive full support.
The rights to release a mobile version of Fall Guys in China in 2020 have been acquired by Chinese gaming and entertainment business Bilibili.
Since deciding to go free-to-play and subsequently making its Xbox and Nintendo Switch debuts, Fall Guys has had a resurgence. Mobile device versions of many games are becoming more common, but Mediatonic is not one of them—at least not yet.
In the midst of all of this, a game appears to be at the top of both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store charts. The gameplay mechanics and overall idea of the game appear to be fairly similar to those of its more well-known sibling, which makes things interesting.
Fall Guys is a unique interpretation of the hugely popular battle royale genre, even though it uses a different gameplay style. All players must survive a series of various rounds, thus there are no extravagant scenes of bloodshed or looting. In the end, the survivor is crowned the winner, but that feat is more difficult to pull off than it may seem.
The game design of Stumble Guys also appears to be strangely similar, so this isn’t the only similarity. Naturally, there are important variations due to various hardware capacities. Regardless, there is no disputing that the mobile application resembles other apps more than it does not.
Stumble Guys, a copy of Fall Guys, is dominating the mobile gaming market.
When someone searches for Fall Guys in their specific application store, the result is Stumble Guys. Given that the former isn’t even relevant on mobile, this is entirely reasonable. Additionally, no plans exist to port it to handheld devices, which seems improbable considering the positive working relationship between Epic and Apple.
Given the many parallels it has with other things, some people may still refer to Stumble Guys as a clone. The players’ primary goals are the same, and the puzzles and stages have a very similar appearance.
There are some differences now, particularly in terms of how people seem in-game. In Stumble Guys, players can select multiple outfits and alter their appearances, just like in the Mediatonic game. Contrary to Fall Guys, where the basic features of the bean-like design are always kept, not every design has the same shape.
Stumble Guys have been making a lot of money economically. The game has amassed about $6.6 million, according to AppMagic, which are not bad numbers. If anything, it demonstrates how much mobile gamers adore Fall Guys-style games on their portable gaming systems. These games seem to be developed just for mobile devices given their unique nature and the ease with which players may play with peers.
The players of Stumble Guys will determine whether or not the game is a knockoff. Given the money it makes, the game is unquestionably here to stay. It might even prompt Epic Games Store to consider future plans for a possible mobile port of Fall Guys.
Stumble Guys is a free download for both Android and iOS, clone or not. The fact that Fall Guys is now free to play appears to have increased its popularity and download volume. Its inclusion in the top 10 of both application stores demonstrates once more how popular it is becoming.

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