Taiping Asked Zhou Yu

“Who got married again?” Asked Zhou Yu, who was showing off with the kebab he had just roasted at the backyard bonfire. He was beaten by Qi Yuhua with three fists and two feet. The day will be bright, “midnight” the guests dispersed, Puyang Qixiao walked in the last, rubbed to the side of Taiping, uncomfortable for a long time, period of Ai Ai asked: “Young lady, he, still in the capital?” “Yes.” His heart is in love with his family, how to go away. What about in the capital? Married, as a young lady must not be easy to promise, from now on deep house courtyard, life is hard to see. Puyang Qixiao only felt as if a sharp pain, a trace of loss, the young heart also did not know where the pain came from, why at a loss: “Then he, marry a good person?” “Good.” “Oh..” Puyang Qixiao lips a few times open and close, and then can not find the words, slowly turned away, his face is not necessarily aware of their own still motionless cover of loneliness. Puyang Ziyu, after all, a few years older, see the younger sister such a situation, the heart of a sigh,Pietra Gray Marble, say goodbye closely followed away. Taiping looked at the distant sky, a drop of tears did not fall already dry, Shaoan put on a cloak for her, Mingyuan stood in the doorway, snow-white monk’s clothes were blown up slightly by the morning wind, with Mingyuan’s motionless expression like a mountain, as noble and handsome as jade, like an immortal. Wind, flowers,pietra gray marble, snow and moon just brush their sleeves behind them. Dayao, King, Yongchang sixteen years. Outside the Xuanzheng Hall, headed by the old prime minister of the three Dynasties who had retired for many years, there were a lot of people kneeling on the ground. If the King of Yan leaves the capital, it will be like sending a dragon to sea and sending a ROC to the clouds. There will be endless trouble. It is absolutely impossible, your Majesty! The old prime minister repeatedly kowtow, is already so anxious to speak, even Jiaolong Dapeng such Fan Ji’s words are said. On this matter, the civil and military officials of the Manchu Dynasty had been quarreling for several days, from the Hanyuan Palace to the Zhaoyang Palace, from the Zhaoyang Palace to the imperial study, and even to the Shou’an Palace where the Empress Dowager lived. Unexpectedly, the Empress Dowager only passed down a sentence: “The Harem must not interfere in politics.” No one could see it. The old ministers could only resist each other with their own strength. Today, the emperor summoned all the ministers to the Xuanzheng Palace to wait for the decree. It was obviously time to draw a conclusion. Among the officials, the ministers who held different opinions or were inconvenient to express their views had long been silent about it. All those kneeling here were trying to prevent the King of Yan from leaving the capital.

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