I heard that I am Xianjun’s fiance wearing books.

“No.” Cheng Song retorted, “Your cultivation is so low now. Aren’t you going to die?”? Don’t you forget that you’ve already died once? Mu Junhuai was speechless. He could only lower his eyebrows for a moment before saying, “I know it must be dangerous to go there this time. I even thought it was a trap.” He looked up at Cheng Song and said seriously, “But I have to go. After all, if the Blue Crystal Tree is really destroyed, we will still die, and we will die miserably.” He did not think that Song Zheng would be polite to him, and he could not believe that there was a second blue crystal tree. We’ll have to take a chance. Mu Junhuai didn’t give Cheng Song a chance to open his mouth. “I know,” he added. “You told me to wait for Yi to come out. However, are you sure that in the years before Yi Zhuo came out, Song Zheng would not destroy the blue crystal tree, and the realm of immortals would not become hell on earth? Everyone knows that this is impossible. Now Song Zheng is taking advantage of them not to find the blue crystal tree, only then starts to attack the immortal gate hundred. If they do not act, the blue crystal tree is known by Song Zheng, then wait for them to be bloody. But I still don’t agree. “You should know that what Song Zheng wants to kill most is you,” said Cheng Song with an expression that he would not agree. “I know.” Mu Junhuai closed his eyes and said with a helpless smile, “How could I not know? But even so, I have to go.” Before Cheng Song opened his mouth, Mu Junhuai added, “Cheng Song, don’t forget that Song Zheng not only holds blood powder in his hands, but also blood powder that can turn practitioners into evil spirits.”. Moreover,Carrara Marble Slab, in the first battle of Wangu Town, you should have heard from Song Zheng that the pollen emitted by the magic flower with red magic powder can make all monks degenerate into evil spirits and be used by Song Zheng. The last sentence woke up Cheng Song and surprised the others. Are you telling the truth? Mu Junhuai looked sideways at Cheng Wen and said solemnly, “This is what Song Zheng himself said, and I firmly believe it.” He explained to Cheng Wen, who did not understand, “My body came from kneeling down to heaven, and the one before that finally degenerated into an evil spirit because of smoking red magic powder.” He moved his eyes to Cheng Song and said, “I’ve suffered so much just from the red magic powder. If I add the powder of the magic flower,Marble Projects, what will it become?” You don’t have to think about it, but you know, it’s even worse than the kind of depravity of Red Devil Powder. Mu Junhuai was silent for a while and added, “I don’t want to take the sword hand to kill my Taoist, friends and relatives.” A few words, let Cheng Song several people silence and anger. They know very well that doing nothing like this will lead to such a situation sooner or later. However, to go, it is an unexpected adventure. No one dared to decide, so after drinking a cup of tea, Mu Junhuai put on a smiling face and said, “Well, that’s the decision.” “You..” Seeing Mu Junhuai’s firm eyes, Cheng Song hummed, “I’ll see how you explain it to Yi Zhuo.” “……”

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