Mr. Rock and Roll

“Give me a reason..” Li Muluo looked straight at Zheng Xiujing and blurted out the words. Hum, don’t you allow me to vent my anger for Meiying Oni when you are playing around outside without telling Meiying Oni? Zheng Xiujing looked at the whole body enveloped in the cold gas field of Li Muluo, the heart of regret more and more strong, slightly aggrieved words from the mouth. Li Muluo’s anger surged in his chest, because Zheng Xiujing’s words disappeared in an instant, followed by an indescribable sense of suffocation. Zheng Xiujing, have you figured out the situation? Do you do things without thinking? Li Muluo could not bear the feeling of madness in his heart, and then roared out. I’m sorry, maybe you misunderstood him.. I was crossed in love today, and he was just comforting me. Xian Enjing couldn’t help defending Li Muluo. What Zheng Xiujing looked at Xian Enjing in surprise, and then out of the corner of her eye, she glanced at Li Muluo, who was sulking. Song Qian looked at Zheng Xiujing, whose cheeks gradually turned red, and then opened her mouth and said, “I’m really sorry, Xiujing is so impatient sometimes, I hope you can forgive her..” “It’s all right, I don’t blame her.” Li Muluo looked at Zheng Xiujing angrily, and then said to Song Qian. Are you Victoria and Krystal from FX? Xian Enjing looked at the two of them carefully,ultrasonic extraction cbd, and then asked tentatively. Ah, yes, I’m Victoria from FX.. After Song Qian heard Xian Enjing’s words, she was startled at first, and then Suo xxìng stopped hiding and opened her mouth and said. Hehe, hello, I’m Xian Enjing from t-ara.. Xian Enjing smiled and then introduced herself to Song Qian. Li Muluo looked at the scenery outside the window,ultrasonic generator driver, trying to dispel the depression in his heart, but the mobile phone in his pocket began to vibrate.

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