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“Aunt Julia, there’s medicine in uncle’s ring!” According to the experience of gang fights, Rusina quickly said: “You take care of your uncle first, and I’ll get those wolves back!” ……………………………………………… It was not until noon the next day that Chutian woke up. First, he found some excuses to deceive Julia and Rusina, saying that Doron was killed by Chutian as a hunter. After Julia was fully convinced that Doron’s death had nothing to do with her and enjoyed Rusina’s crazy adoring eyes, Chutian stared at the shriveled dragon’s corpse, narrowed his eyes and smiled. Dissect the tenth order of Warcraft, tut, really let Chu big young master look forward to. Volume III The Happy Life of Veterinarians Chapter 179 The Way Home The difference between the eighth order and the ninth order of Warcraft is only the strength of magic or fighting spirit, plus some racial talents at most, but the difference between the ninth order and the tenth order is the difference between beasts and gods! The reason why the tenth order of Warcraft has become an insurmountable existence on the continent is that they have the realm from the ancient gods! The field with divine power as its origin is absolutely not resisted by fighting spirit and magic, so in front of the tenth-order Warcraft, the strong human beings and high-level Warcraft can only face the fate of being slaughtered. The power of the ninth-order Warcraft comes from the sperm core in the brain. What about the realm of the tenth-order Warcraft? Does it also come from the sperm nucleus? Thinking about this question, Chutian brandished a scalpel at Duolong’s body. Julia took care of the unconscious people, while Rusina stared and watched Chutian dissect the dragon. All the potential of life has been sucked dry, and Duolong’s body has been left with only bones wrapped in green skin,liquid bottle filling machine, which looks a little disgusting. A knife aimed at the chest, Chutian found that not only Duolong’s skin was cut open, but also the sternum was shaken off a few roots. Shit, why are the bones crisp? Chutian took the scalpel instead and knocked Duolong’s sternum with the handle. Poof! The keel, which should have been as strong as steel, was broken like plaster. Damn it! “It’s not strong enough,water bottling line,” Rusina said in surprise. Pluck the wings of Duolong with his claws, but unexpectedly pulled the dragon wings down easily. Now Rusina was dumbfounded. “Uncle, how did you do it?”? This guy seems to have been sucked into dragon jerky! “This is the secret of hunting and killing gods!” Chutian pretended to be profound and said, but his eyes drifted to Julia in the distance. Julia has absorbed a lot of life potential, but nothing has changed. Just came to life. But her face, which looked like a little girl, looked even younger. The hands are busy, but Chutian is thinking in his heart, if it goes on like this. When Julia is dying, she will find a high-level Warcraft to suck. Isn’t that immortal? “

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