President’s husband catches up with the door

While taking a bath, Qin Ran thought of Nian Siyao in his heart. He was very happy every day when he was nourished by love. He felt excited to do anything. Qin Ran likes to think about things when she takes a bath. She thinks of Lu Feng from Nian Siyao. During this time, Lu Feng is in T City. It’s a good time to meet. At the thought of Lu Feng, Qin Ran automatically turned into a bitter melon face, so when the time comes what posture to use. Before Lu Feng has been looking for her, Qin Ran refused to meet, now to take the initiative about Lu Feng, or what? How distressing! Qin Ran thought distractedly. Although the plan is to use such a vulgar move, but with Lu Feng so smart head, will certainly be seen through. Furthermore, Qin Ran is most afraid of lying in front of Lu Feng, with Lu Feng’s understanding of himself, completely deceiving that guy ah! Qin Ran while thinking while tangled, unconsciously washed for a long time, feeling the skin on the body is about to wash off, reluctant to come out of the bathroom. Have not thought of the answer, Qin Ran consider whether to wash again, but the skin on the body are wrinkled, and then look at their fingers, are white blisters. It’s too horrible to look at, so let’s give up! Qin Ran curled his lips. Have a good discussion with Shen Qingling tomorrow, she thinks Shen Qingling is a smart woman, there will be a way. Lying down on the soft bed, Qin Ran picked up her cell phone and saw the “good night” sent to her by Nian Siyao. In such a simple word, Qin Ran stared at Nian Siyao’s WeChat avatar with some dissatisfaction, and then decided not to reply. Chapter 487 of the main text meets Lu Feng. Updated: 2016-06-07 17:02:43 Words: 3,597 Chapter 487 encounter with Lu Feng. The next morning, Qin Ran woke up and found that she had done a stupid thing. She left the flowers sent by Nian Siyao in the Western restaurant last night. On the way back, why didn’t I find that I was not used to holding flowers in my hand. At the thought that it was all done by Nian Siyao himself, Qin Ran felt a little sorry and had to dislike his own stupidity. Last night, however, next year Siyao was with him all the time. Why did he forget this? Qin Ran frowned and felt that Siyao must have done it on purpose. Without much thought, Qin Ran sent a WeChat message to Nian Siyao with indignation. Why didn’t you remind me that the flowers were left in the restaurant yesterday? Soon Nian Siyao replied, “What I gave you is yours. You don’t remember it yourself, so why should I remind you?” Nian Siyao fully demonstrated his proud attributes, probably because he felt that Qin Ran didn’t care about what he made with his own hands. Ah, I’m just not used to it! Put it aside and forget it. I am used to the feeling of empty-handed! “Qin Ran’s attributes of a tough woman are exposed.” Don’t worry about that. Now that you’re awake, get up early. It’s time for breakfast. Nian Siyao is very calm, Qin Ran such a confused and neurotic personality, white marble mosaic ,Agate Stone Price, it is really annoying. Two people said for a while, Qin Ran was unwilling to wash, looking at himself in the mirror, Qin Ran squinted, always felt something was wrong.

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