Taixu Illusion

The most beautiful woman of the day was kicking and punching His Majesty the Emperor. She was stunningly beautiful, and even the way she hit people was breathtaking. As the emperor, he only dared to hold his head, beg for mercy, and roll all over the ground. Later, Wang Cheng fainted. After he woke up, he firmly believed that some of the blurred images in his coma, such as the beautiful woman who punched and kicked, and the emperor who rolled the gourd, were just nightmares. If you want to ask what kind of person the king of Wei was most afraid of in his life, most people would answer that he was the only empress Dowager who could control him. Knowing that Wei Ruohong was most afraid of a woman named Su Xiawu in his life, I’m afraid there were no more than four people in the world. One of them was the Taifu of the State of Wei, who worshipped the prime minister as a military general, and Ye Zhiqiu, who was respected as a Confucian commander and a military prime minister in the court and among the people. The Empress Dowager, who was leaning on her arm, was sweating on her forehead in the garden of the Empress Dowager’s Jingyin Palace and sighing with a wry smile: “Miss Su has traveled thousands of miles back to the capital, and she went angrily to find the emperor without even coming to see the Empress Dowager. It’s a good thing the Empress Dowager is in such a good mood to enjoy the flowers.” Empress Dowager of the State of Wei has a clear and peaceful face, and the traces of the years have quietly covered up the peerless elegance of her past years; years of hard work have silently erased her beautiful appearance in those years. Just such a light look, peaceful eyebrows and eyes, but always can not let people believe that she will be holding power for more than ten years, life and death, unworthy of the world’s men after a generation of power. It is hard for anyone to imagine that a person who has been in the most dangerous arena of power for more than ten years is not stained with a trace of cold and cold air, and his expression is not even a little strong and dignified. She treats herself? An important official has always been very close and easy-going. “Chivalrous dance and the emperor grew up together,silk ficus tree,” she said with a leisurely smile. “Now that I’m back in the palace, I should go and see the emperor. I’m a boring old lady. Why bother to bother young people to catch up?” Catch up? Ye Zhiqiu smiled bitterly, if only to catch up with the old days, do you need to rush to the palace so quickly? Su Xiawu’s position in the state of Wei has always been extremely aloof. She was a disciple of the Empress Dowager. She grew up with the little emperor in the palace, studied together, and practiced martial arts together. She had learned all that the little emperor had learned, and countless secret methods in the infinite world, even the little emperor had no chance to see them,Faux cherry blossom tree, but she could be taught by the Empress Dowager. She was extremely intelligent and talented. She learned a lot and practiced literature and martial arts, all of which were far better than the little emperor. The queen mother loves to use her to motivate her son. “She is a girl, and she is better than you,” he said sternly. Children have a lot of vanity to fight for victory.

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