Acura Key (NeiNiu)

“Yang Tian, the second half is up to you.”. Gao Yitou looked at Yang Tian with expectation in his eyes. Yang Tian created opportunities for his teammates throughout the first half. It can be said that the organizational work was better than that of the organizational guard, but he did not score a point. He believed that if Yang Tian showed his power in the second half, he would be able to recover his loss of virginity. I am not the only one who plays basketball. I believe that we can all work together to recover the score. Yang Tian’s tone was light, but the words were imprinted into the hearts of all his teammates. At the beginning of the second half, more than a thousand people watching the game had lost the enthusiasm they had just started. They came here, so to speak, to watch the sun, but the sun has not scored a point so far. At the beginning of the second half, Gao Yitou lost the jump ball again. An advanced goal. The seventh captain of the white team held out a “one” gesture and slowly moved back and forth. The rest of the white team had already run fast. A volley pass was wonderful, fast and high. Yang Tian and Fan Tong jumped up at the same time. Then the ball, Yang Tian’s position was behind the ball. His fingers hooked the ball, but he couldn’t catch it. The ball flew to the basket and turned several times in the basket, attracting the eyes of more than a thousand people. “Bang”. The ball stopped, fell into the net, everyone was stunned, and thousands of fans in the sunny day shouted indiscriminately. Fan Tong looked up and laughed out loud. He laughed so hard that his stomach hurt. Yang Tian scored an own goal. Cried sarcastically, “Well done, well done!” Yang Tian gave Fan Tong a contemptuous look with a “cut” sound. The other four members of the red team all stared at Yang Tian,liquid bottle filling machine, whose magic hand left them speechless in surprise. Yang Tian shrugged helplessly, and he didn’t want to! Who knew there would be such an own goal? Can not help but sigh in the heart: I will heart to the moon, but the moon shines on the ditch distance ah! Chapter 273 I will change the home court. At this time, the score gap was twelve points. Yang Tian looked at the score and smiled faintly at the corners of his mouth. He had to find his own fault. Come on! Pick up the spirit. Yang Tian clapped his hands, and the whole person was refreshed, and the pain in his body had been forgotten by him. Yeah, pick up the spirit and score a goal. Gao Yitou boosted the morale,water filling machine, and the red team came to life. The second ball was passed to Yang Tian. Yang Tian attacked quickly. The two men of the white team blocked in front of Yang Tian. Yang Tian suddenly passed the ball to the third hand of the red team, and Yang Tian turned around. What The white team’s two defenders of Yang Tian were stunned. It turned out that the pass was just a slow ball. The ball was in Yang Tian’s hand again. Yang Tian jumped up and made a big dunk from a long distance, which stunned everyone. The players of the white team opened their mouths wide and sighed in their hearts: Is this an illusion? How can he be so awesome? Such a distance of air dunks, they have not seen in addition to watching NBA games, not to mention this is a live demonstration? The white team No.5 under the basket was dumbfounded, as if there was only one person on the basketball court, “Pa”. With a loud noise, Yang Tian grabbed the basket, like a king of the world, and the ball bounced slowly on the floor. Roar.. The noise was overwhelming, and the enthusiasm of the audience was brought back, shouting for the sunny day. The ball stopped on the floor and Yang Tian let go. Wow. The cheerleaders of Northeast Normal University were stunned, staring at the sun with their peach-colored eyes. They all forgot which side they were from, PET bottle Mold ,juice filling machine, and their eyes were full of the cool image of the sun. Fan Tong hated him so much that his face turned green. His clenched teeth rattled. The sun stole his limelight and made him hate him in his heart. Take another ball. Yang Tian jogged back to the defense and made a “one” gesture with his finger. OK The men’s basketball team of Tongda University responded loudly, with sharp light in their eyes and open arms to meet the attack of the men’s basketball team of Northeast Normal University. The white team attacked, the red team arranged the formation, the whole court was man-to-man, only the sunny day seemed to be in the vegetable market carelessly. Suddenly a pass, Yang Tian mouth across the smile, he saw the back of the pass, arm a block, stopped the ghost pass. “What?” The number seven of the white team was stunned. He thought his passing skill was a classic, but he intercepted it? Did he judge his pass without even looking back? When Yang Tian attacked with the ball, the captain of the White Team, No.7, changed his face and shouted: “Back to defense, back to defense, don’t let him score.”. When Yang Tian reached the three-point line, the white team had three players running back, and Yang Tian got up and jumped. The white team member is stupefied, the sunny day has not attacked, such shooting? Look up at the basket and get ready to grab the rebound. “Bang”. The ball is in the net, “roar”. The cheers were overwhelming, and Yang Tian entered the three point shot. Yang Tian looked at the score and said silently in his heart, “There are still seven points left.” Steady, score a goal. The captain of the white team, No.7, was already in a cold sweat. Seven seconds, only seven seconds, he got five points. It was terrible. The members of the white team were panting. Their bodies were not so tired, but the sunny day made their hearts tired. The momentum of the red team was high, and when the white team attacked again, the fire-breathing eyes of the other four members of the red team seemed to burn the stadium. Fan Tong received the ball, ran a few steps into the three-point line, jumped up, a hand like a mountain blocked in front of him, Fan Tong’s mind was oppressed, the strength was weaker, the ball hit the basket and bounced down. Ah Four people got up to grab the rebound, Yang Tian sprinted 100 meters, and the ball fell on the high hand. Sunny Day. Gaoyi stared at the galloping sun, waved his arm hard, and the ball was thrown into the air, forming a perfect parabola in the air. The white team was dumbfounded. It was too late for them to get back to defense. The sun got up like a flying man and turned its back to the basket. “Bang”. Fall to the dunk and shock the whole audience. Wow. Can you be more handsome? Such a nymphomaniac sound came from the audience. The flower bud looked at the sunny day and was deeply intoxicated. Five minutes away, Yang Tian silently read,juice filling machine, the muscles on his shoulders were about to burst, Yang Tian clenched his teeth tightly, he knew he had to stick to it.

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