Peasant’s Little Lady by Masquerade Feast

In fact, this house is really quite good, there is no general adobe house that kind of rough walls, than the walls of brick houses look smooth. The beams are also high, and they are not cramped at all. When Lu Guangyi moved the furniture in Lu Jiaoyue’s room, the original empty room was particularly different. Sister, did the Pei family embarrass you? Lu Guangzhi did not guess that it was the eldest brother’s reason, the eldest brother’s temperament he understood, the elder sister’s temperament he also understood. So suddenly changed the house, do not think, must be what the Pei family said, the elder sister did not want to let the eldest brother in the middle of the dilemma, so they took the initiative to move here. This person hasn’t married yet, and she’s making trouble. What does she want to do? Lu Guangzhi was quite angry. Lu Jiaoyue frowned and tugged at her younger brother. “What are you talking about?” She scolded. “That’s our sister-in-law. Are there any elders or inferiors?” Lu Guangzhi said disdainfully, “It’s not for this kind of person to bully you before you get married. When she gets married, she won’t squeeze you out of the way.”. No, I’ll talk to my eldest brother. We can’t have this kind of woman in our family. Lu Jiaoyue quickly grabbed him and said, “Stop it. Why are you getting more and more impatient? I said the Pei family is embarrassing me.”? As soon as he came up, he wronged people indiscriminately. It’s my own house that I want to change with my eldest brother. It has nothing to do with the Pei family. Lu Guangzhi doesn’t believe it. Lu Jiaoyue could only analyze the advantages and disadvantages to him. After hearing this, Lu Guangzhi curled his lips and said, “Elder sister, you have a good temper. Can’t you live in an adobe house?”? I remember their Pei family lives in an adobe house. Why is it so expensive to come to our house?! Lu Jiaoyue glared at her younger brother. “If you speak so mean again, the elder sister will be angry.”. I didn’t say it. I was willing to change houses with my eldest brother. My eldest brother didn’t want to. I forced him to change houses with me. It had nothing to do with the Pei family. Lu Jiaoyue was glad that she had not told her younger brother that the Pei family had also mentioned this to her eldest brother today,inflatable floating water park, otherwise, with the temperament of her second brother, it would be time to explode again. All right, don’t you think this house is very good? Don’t you know how much thought Big Brother has put into it? Lu Jiaoyue looked around with satisfaction, after her greatly changed layout of the room, “anyway, the elder sister likes it very much, you don’t be surprised.” After a pause, she added,Inflatable bouncer, “Besides, when sister-in-law gets married, you should stop looking at the Buddha’s face instead of the monk’s. Don’t let our eldest brother get caught in the middle.” Lu Jiaoyue vaguely remembered that in her previous life, her second brother had a lot of competition with her sister-in-law, all because her sister-in-law was dragged out because of her marriage, and she always quarreled with her eldest brother. And the eldest brother caught in the middle left is not right is not, very difficult, so this time Lu Jiaoyue prepared to give the second brother tight string son, lest he again from the bad things. Lu Guangzhi was silent for a while and then said, “Elder sister, you are wronged.”. You can rest assured that I will make more money in the future and build a few more big tile-roofed houses for our family. When the time comes, I will give you two rooms to live in. When you get married, I will keep the house for you. Lu Jiaoyue laughed and said, “All right, wait for the elder sister.” In fact, she didn’t take it to heart, Inflatable outdoor park ,large inflatable water slide, because she still wanted to save enough money to send her brother to school. The second brother is older, but as long as he has the heart, it should not be difficult. Lu Jiaoyue woke up to the sound of the millstone turning. She opened her eyes and found it was still dark. As soon as her heart moved, she put on her clothes and got up from the Kang, pushed open the door, and went out by the faint light outside. It’s her father, Lu Minghai, who is grinding beans. There is a big stone mill in front of the second room. Every day, Lu Minghai grinds beans with the stone mill and sells them as tofu. It takes a lot of time to make tofu, especially now that the family is separated, Lu Minghai not only has to make tofu, but also has to work in his own field, so he has to get up every day when the rooster crows. Lu Minghai did not light the lamp, so by the faint light, Lu Jiaoyue could only see a black shadow moving. Who The sound of the stone mill suddenly stopped. Then Lu Minghai saw the man clearly in the dim light and said in surprise, “Moon, why did you get up at this time?”? But Dad woke you up? “No, my daughter can’t sleep by herself.” With these words, Lu Jiaoyue turned back to the house and took an oil lamp, lit it and brought it out. Under the yellow light, Lu Minghai was standing in front of the stone mill with bare arms and sweating. When the light came on, he seemed to realize that he was a little indecent, and hurried to one side to pick up the clothes on the rope at random and put them on his body. Why are you up now, but hungry? He walked up to Lu Jiaoyue with concern and asked. Lu Jiaoyue shook her head and carefully removed the light from her eyes. “Dad, why did you get up so early?” In the past, Lu Jiaoyue knew that her father would make tofu every day, but the process was unknown. Every day she would sleep until dawn. Naturally, she did not know that when she was still asleep, her father would get up to grind beans to make tofu. Seeing Lu Minghai like this at this time, what else does she not understand? The ancients said that the three great hardships of life are forging iron, punting and selling tofu. In the past, her father had always looked as if nothing had happened. She also said that the ancients were exaggerating. At this time, it seemed that how could it not be hard, not hard. In this weather, she still felt a little cold in her clothes, while her father was so hot that he was still sweating with bare arms. Lu Jiaoyue is a burst of nose acid, father not only get up early every day to make tofu, but also have to carry the tofu pick to run dozens of miles everywhere to sell, a little spare time, but also busy with the work in the field. Dad, now that the family is separated, you don’t have to work so hard. Lu Minghai drove his daughter into the house and said perfunctorily with a smile, “The moon knows that she loves my father. My father knows that you should go back to the house to sleep for a while. It’s still cold now. Be careful not to catch cold.” Helplessly, Lu Jiaoyue can only return to the house. In fact, how could she not know what her father was thinking? The eldest brother had not collected enough money to get married. Although there was land to support him, the land was the foundation for the country people to settle down. It was better not to sell it, so her father was still trying to make more money. Thinking this way, her mood was even more difficult to calm down. By the light of the oil lamp, she took out the needle and thread basket from the Kang cabinet, turned it over, and took out a piece of embroidered cloth. Embroidered cloth is a piece of good yarn,inflatable bounce house with slide, moon white background, light as smoke, is Lu Jiaoyue from the grandmother Liu gave a skirt out.

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