The Francais Affair _ Josephine Tiei _ txt Novel Paradise

“But, Mr. Robb, this is not a case that we always accept in our office!”! “Rob winced at the alarm in his voice.” This is so beyond the nature of our usual cases-really, so unusual-that we can’t do it. “I hope we are able to defend any client against a publication like Ike-Emma.” Rob said calmly. “Looking at the clamorous newspaper on the table, Mr. Hessetin was clearly faced with the dilemma of whether this was a criminal case or just a fight against a newspaper that had lost its position.” After reading it, do you believe what the girl said? “Rob asked.” “I don’t see how she could have fabricated it,” said Mr. Hessetin simply. The story seems very detailed, doesn’t it? ” Yes, that’s right. But I saw the girl last week when she was brought to Frances — the day I hurried out after tea — and I didn’t believe a word she said. He stressed, delighted that he could say it with such certainty, and finally realized that subconsciously he had always thought so. But why did she pick on Francesca and know so much about the house? ” “I don’t know. I don’t understand at all.” “Take a most unlikely house like that — a house that is out of the way, not easily seen from the outside, and located in a secluded road,24v Dc Motor With Gearbox, in the countryside where people do not easily visit each other.” I know, and I don’t know how that happened. But I’m sure it was planned before it was put into action. What we are faced with is not to choose which side of the story is more credible, but which side of the people is more real. I firmly believed that the Sharps would not do such a crazy thing, and I believed that the girl had the ability to make up such a story. That’s the way I look at this case. He rested for a while. You’re gonna have to trust my instincts this time, Timmy. He said,Planetary Gear Motor, using a nickname to get the attention of the old clerk in front of him. Whether it was because of the memory of the “Timmy” or the persuasion of the argument itself, Mr. Hessetin made no further argument. You’ll have a chance to meet the suspects, “Rob said.”

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