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“Hey hey, I was originally only the eldest brother is to follow the lead, no opinion, but also have to raise their feet to support it ~!” The invincible God of war grinned. Same as above. Zibing smiled. Lingdang encircled her hands and added, “My master is naturally the best candidate to be the president.” “If brother Yuntian becomes the president, people will feel much more at ease.” Youshan said happily. I, the new member, don’t have much choice. Since all the little girls choose you, I have to support you. The soul fights the sky and laughs. Apart from the fact that Jie and Xiaotao did not speak, it seemed that everyone agreed. Chen Chuan noticed that Xiaotao had not spoken. He went up and asked, “Why don’t you speak all the time?”? What’s the matter? “Oh, nothing.” Xiaotao wiped the tears from the corners of her eyes. Could it be that Li Yang and Chen Chuan were too moved to say anything? Li Yang laughed: “It seems that there are a few more beautiful and handsome men with new faces. Who will introduce them to me?” “I think you’d better introduce yourself first.” Zibing smiled. “Yes, yes,” said Ling akimbo. “Oh, well, my name is.” …… At the moment of reunion, we had a quick chat. The new members got to know each other and decided on the president temporarily. Anyway, everyone had the same intention. Next, Ling Yuntian realized that he needed to ask them about their detailed experience in the past three days in person, which was the end of the three-day retreat. To be able to improve their strength by such a large margin in three days, it must be not easy for the two of them to live these three days. Zibing and Youshan,Inflatable outdoor park, the invincible God of War and others all said that they would form a team to do a task together, and Ling Yuntian asked them to bring that at the first time. “The first master”, find an excuse to let them exercise under the cooperation and tacit understanding, after all, if not so, that guy must protect Ling as a reason to pester themselves, that can be a headache. After watching a group of them set out, Jie left alone,Inflatable dry slide, Chen Chuan seemed to have something to do, left on his own, leaving Li Yang alone, gathered in front of Ling Yuntian, it seems that he also wants to talk with Ling Yuntian alone. Xiao Tian.. Li Yang said lightly. Ling Yuntian laughed and said, “Sit down over there and talk slowly.” “Yes.” Said, with the pace of Ling Yuntian, two people came to one side of the rest pavilion to sit down. Feeling the gentle morning breeze, the small flow of people gives the town a warm feeling. Xiao Tian, I’m sorry, before I and Chen Chuan. Don’t say that, In the past, and after this happened, Tianyan Zhanhun returned to two powerful generals. It was really a blessing in disguise. After Ling Yuntian said so, Li Yang put down the big stone in his heart. Did you stay just to apologize? Ling Yuntian laughed. Of course not. “But I also have something to talk to you about.” “What is it?” Speaking of this, Inflatable water park on lake ,inflatable floating water park, Ling Yuntian pondered for a moment and said, “To tell you the truth, I’m curious. How could you two improve your strength so quickly in such a short time? Did you meet any great people?”? And these two scarves in the end. As soon as the words came out, Li Yang said with a smile, “You really deserve it. You guessed right!” “Well?” Ling Yuntian’s mind is in full swing. Li Yang took a deep breath and began to describe his experience in these three days word by word. Chapter 116 Pandora’s box. “Chen Chuan and I met a master. After we left the barbecue place that day, we made up our minds to exercise ourselves. That night, we entered the” Field “all night for hell exercise. We first had a P with each other for several hours, and then looked around for places with advanced monsters. By mistake, we met a master!” “He is an uncle level player, hiding the name of the game and all the information. When we first met, we saw a BOSS at the same time. Because we were in a bad mood at that time, we didn’t think so much and asked him to leave. He ignored it, so we rushed up to kill him.”. ” “Of course, the result was that we were both abused like children by him. After the resurrection, we both rushed to the past again. He was still in the middle of killing BOSS. He found our approach and immediately threw BOSS away. He killed us again. We died again and again, but we were in a bad mood to the extreme. We even had the idea that we had to kill him no matter how many times we started again.” Even if you get killed to level zero, you’ll never play this game. “At that time, we felt that we could not do anything at any time, it was useless, and we lost ourselves for a while.” “However, we have attacked countless times, but even his blood can not be destroyed.” This made me and Chen Chuan fall to the valley at that time, wandering on the edge of collapse, but consciousness still exists, almost dragging a body, still countless times to find the uncle to settle accounts. “Don’t laugh at us silly, that night, a night, we repeated and repeated, died I do not know how many times, a full drop of 6 levels, the uncle is also under our intermittent harassment, it took a full night to kill the BOSS, facing the last attack of the two of us, at that time sunrise It began, and with a sigh, he finally spoke his first words. I admire your courage and perseverance. In my eyes, you are just wasting your courage and perseverance. To defeat me, you need not perseverance, but strength. “At that time, he said this sentence, let me and Chen Chuan have been in mind, at that time we were early.” Exhausted, without rest for more than 20 hours in a row, and without the mind and energy to understand his words, he got off the line directly. “The next day, we slept until dark,Jumping castle with slide, two people on the line again, the result in the same place, let us meet this uncle again!” 。 joyshineinflatables.com

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