Zhao Xiaohan of Rebirth rushes forward

Yes, what do you think the bride will look like when she takes off her makeup? I heard that these brilliant stars can’t be seen without makeup! Liang Xiaojie smiled proudly: “My future daughter-in-law is a university lecturer. Although she is not as beautiful as perilla, she is a real beauty!” “If you want to see the true face, go to see it tomorrow morning, but the custom here is not to make up at 10 o’clock in the morning on the first day!”! I don’t believe the bride has the nerve to sleep so late! Li Siyun, the wife of the director of the Construction Department of another ally, who had been struggling to listen, interrupted. Just after the ceremony on the stage, Wei Jing was reading the blessing. Suddenly, there was a cry of surprise in the crowd: “Wow, look, God also helps the newlyweds to celebrate!” The sky behind a couple of newlyweds suddenly rolled with red clouds, lightning and thunder, slowly converging into an image of a dragon and a phoenix, two big double happiness characters, respectively on the head and tail of the phoenix, Xiao Han looked up and stroked his forehead helplessly, no need to ask, this is her old fairy father. In addition to her and Fang Chu ebony, other people do not understand what is going on ah, looking at the sky, a long time back to God, is there really ghosts and gods? So what are the two people who are protected by God? Part of the old people who believe in ghosts and gods,water filling machine, looking at Xiaohan Fangchu’s eyes suddenly filled with awe, if not for the immortal class in the sky, how can there be such protection? “Sister-in-law..” Sister-in-law, are you in a panic? Liang Xiaohao poked Nian Jiao and his voice trembled. What can’t you do with money? Nian Jiao does not believe this, she feels that with Xiaohan’s financial resources, it is not impossible to create such a gimmick with the most advanced technology. That’s right! …… And right now, some fairy Niang is stopping some fairy father: “went, such went, what do not do is too excessive,PET blowing machine, want to consider the psychological bearing capacity of mortal!” “Oh, really, when they come up, I’m going to hold a wedding for them. It’s too daring. I’ve just finished the first step, and I’m not allowed to play the rest.” Some fairy father’s face is not enough. In-laws, I agree with you, wait for them to come back, hold another one, not for anything else, we also want to be worshipped openly! Fang Chu’s immortal father is very much in favor of a certain immortal father’s practice. Sure enough, it’s not a family that doesn’t enter a house! Go, go, go, let’s go to the wedding feast. I’ve already set it up! The two fairy fathers walked shoulder to shoulder to the inside of the hall. The two fairies looked at each other knowingly, smiled and hurriedly followed up, their hearts do not want to kiss their children’s wedding? The twists and turns of two people’s reincarnation may be in line with the sentence-good things come and go!

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