Elena Bella July 26, 2022

Some people find it difficult to gain weight or add muscle. You can gain weight by simply adding certain foods into your diet. It is important to keep a healthy weight, and to stick to the food you eat to gain weight. As needed, increase and balance your calorie intake.

If you’re a thin person looking for ways to gain weight, we understand. There are many reasons why you might have difficulty losing or gaining weight. These include thyroid problems, cancer, infections and celiac disease. This article is for people who are thin and want to quickly gain weight.

Being underweight causes many health problems like ed, blood pressure, sugar, etc. People may have many health problems if they don’t know their body weight.

A BMI below 20 is a sign that a man is underweight. This increases the likelihood of developing erectile dysfunction in men. Men who are underweight are eight times more likely than those who are overweight to experience frequent premature ejaculation.

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10 Fast and healthy weight gain

You can gain weight easily and effectively by eating a healthy, balanced diet instead of using chemical weight-gaining supplements without natural or healthy ingredients. These foods will help you gain weight naturally and in a healthy way. You will see the results you desire if the following foods are included in your daily diet

Bananas to Gain Weight

 Bananas contain high amounts of carbohydrates and other nutrients your body needs. Carbohydrates are most effective in adding weight to the body. To quickly gain weight, eat 2-3 ripe bananas per week, with an average 100 calories per banana.

Eat Yogurt, Curd

 Both yogurt and curd can be used to lose weight. They are rich in essential nutrients, as well as high fat content. They aid digestion and allow your body to use the food you eat fully. You should avoid sugar or any other sweeteners mixing yogurt or curd.


Eggs can be a great addition to a healthy diet. They are rich in a range of nutrients, vitamins and minerals. The most important is high-quality proteins. They are rich in cholesterol, fat, sodium and potassium as well as vitamin A, vitamin D and calcium. Eggs help increase HDL (good cholesterol). Eggs can be eaten in many ways, with an average of 70-75 calories per egg. Because of the many egg recipes, eggs are an appealing and popular choice. One egg per day is recommended for weight loss.

Get Protein Pulses

Protein aids weight gain. All possible sources of protein should be included, including pulses and non-vegetarian food (including cereals, protein shakes and protein supplements). Because everyone has different needs and requirements, it is important to ensure that you only take protein supplements under the guidance of a doctor.


Avocado, a superfood high in vitamins and mineral content, is rich in nutrients. A medium-sized avocado contains 200 calories. Avocado is a great way to quickly gain weight. It contains 200 calories as well as many other essential nutrients.

Nuts & Dry Fruits

 nuts are the new apple. A handful of nuts keeps the doctor away every day! On average, a handful of nuts can provide 200 calories. Eat a handful of nuts, including cashews and almonds. These calorie-dense foods will keep you going all day.

Potatoes have Superpowers

Potatoes and other starchy vegetables can all be good sources for weight gain. These foods can lead to the formation of abdominal fat if they are consumed in excess. Your next job shouldn’t be to teach people how to lose weight.


Rice is a staple meal. Rice, which is the basis of Indian cuisine, is high in carbs and a great option for people who want to lose weight. You can increase the amount of rice that you eat each day by increasing how much you eat right now.

Paneer and Cheese

Full-fat cheese is an excellent choice for weight loss due to its high fat, calories, calcium, and calorie content. The product will balance the body’s other nutrients, in addition to the fat.

Liquid intake is important

 I love fresh fruit juices, smoothies and lots of water. Hydrate well throughout the day , especially. Weight loss may be assisted by drinking warm (or cold) water.


To naturally lose weight, eat the foods listed above. Eat healthy, natural foods that are rich in vitamins, minerals, as well as other nutrients. Reduce your intake of processed, stale, and junk foods.

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