A lifetime of warmth

The two men’s eyes were entangled again for 37 seconds. I sigh, ah, is worthy of He Haoran, not only to get the warm, but also to get the little uncle of the group of relatives and friends, ah, you can’t be more literary, talk about the classic one nowadays, kiss a cloud or something. Kissing is like eating cotton candy,x56 line pipe, you can, can really enough, enough to live. (Uh.. Or I will go to Carrefour to buy a bag later. “Cough, cough” ask then: “Next problem, whole problem is the same as above problem,x60 line pipe ,x70┬áline┬ápipe, change a word, kiss change night. “You!” He Haoran’s face turned green in addition to his eyes. Hundreds of thousands of words, you let me H once, you still dare to ask me these questions? I hastened to add: “Do not answer separately, referring to two people’s first night together.” Both of them were silent for 52 seconds at the same time. It seems that this question is really difficult to answer. I simplify the question, “This, just answer the feeling, and everyone knows the rest.” He Haoran took one look at me: “Which idiot came up with this question?” But everyone wants to know what they don’t know. This is also because I only used dozens of words. It’s too short. Everyone doesn’t know the specific situation very well. Besides, everyone wants to see this! The voice of the masses is the loudest and the direction of the masses is the noblest. Forget it. If you can’t answer, just answer what the other person said to you in the process. So it should be possible to express ideas. This time I looked at them expectantly. Nuannuan seemed to be cooked. He braved the heat and whispered: “I couldn’t remember clearly in a daze at that time. He seemed to say,” Nuannuan is so good. Don’t be afraid. Don’t cry. I will be very light. It won’t hurt for a while. It will be all right for a while. I love you. You are mine. ” He Haoran looked at her eyes so thick that he could squeeze out water and teased her with love: “However, Nuannuan still cried. Nuannuan only said to me-pain, you go out.” This time I hid my face, spontaneously combusted and evaporated. Before I escaped, I heard He Haoran jokingly whisper to Nuannuan, “Let’s eat dumplings tonight.” I ran away. Jiong! People asked a hundred questions, but I and Tang Bohu ordered Qiu Xiang’s three smiles to ask three questions, and they were stunned to make their mother sour,uns c68700, thunder lying down, and tired of turning over. Next time, let me do some psychological construction and ask these two people again. Luoluo’s words. lksteelpipe.com

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