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Commercial Air Conditioner manufacturers Floor and Ceiling air conditioner AIRMYTH floor and ceiling type air conditioners is perfect air conditioning solutions because they allow installation as a floor console, also in a suspended ceiling or semi-concealed in the ceiling. Air conditioners have high energy efficiency and have many additional features and modes to make it easier for use. AIRMYTH Floor and ceiling air conditioner adopts electrical expansion valve, ensuring precise flow control, lower modulation noise when EXV is operating. Low noise operations; minimum 36 dB(A). Smoother airflow and less turbulence due to the multi-blade fan and the air guide design. The slim and sleek structure design ensures easy installation. It can be installed into a corner of the ceiling even if the ceiling is very narrow.Due to easy installation, Spave saving and cost saving, floor and ceiling air conditioners are widely used in restarants,small hotels,school,stations,gyms and offices. 1.The dual-purpose floor & ceiling AC with a stylish appearance design, and can be easily integrated into various decoration styles to meet the aesthetic needs. The product can also be installed flexibly according to the actual needs of users. It can be suspended on the ceiling or on the ground. It can be directly exposed and hoisted in places without ceiling decoration. 2.Space saving. For commercial sites, it is necessary to save operating costs as much as possible to maximize benefits. Compared with traditional air conditioners, the floor & ceiling AC not only saves floor space, but also saves the overall ceiling decoration cost. It meets the demand for efficient use of space at high prices and brings savings to users. 3.Water pump can be customized.The pumping head is up to 700mm. 4.Auto swing function,built- in two louver motor,vertical and horizontal air-flow adjustment. ModelAMFC-18CAMFC-24CAMFC-36CAMFC-48CAMFC-60C Indoor power supplyV/Ph/Hz220~240V/1Ph/50Hz220~240V/1Ph/50Hz220~240V/1Ph/50Hz220~240V/1Ph/50Hz220~240V/1Ph/50Hz CoolingCapacityBtu/h1800024000360004800060000 KW5.37.110.51416 InputW130150300260260 RatedcurrentA0. EERW/W2.612.782.622.662.68 Max. input consumptionW2500200400300300 Max. currentA12. Indoor air flow(High speed)m3/h7901300170023002300 Indoor noise leveldB(A)44锝?239锝?844锝?257~4857~48 Indoor unitDimension(W*H*D)mm880脳635脳2051245脳680脳2471245脳680脳2471670脳680脳2471670脳680脳247 Packing(W*H*D)mm970脳725脳3011325脳770脳3251325脳770脳3251750脳770脳3251750脳770脳325 Net/Gross weightkg30/3535/4137/4347/5447/54 Max pressure MPa4. Refrigerant typeR410AR410AR410AR410AR410A Refrigerant pipingLiquid side/Gas sidemm桅6.35/桅12.7桅9.52/桅15.88桅9.52/桅19.05桅9.52/桅19.05桅9.52/桅19.05 Drainage pipemm2525252525 Standard controllerStandard for remote controller(wired controller for option) Operation temp 掳C16锝?216锝?216锝?216锝?216锝?2 Ambient temp掳C18锝?318锝?318锝?318锝?318锝?3 Application aream220-3528-5040-7055~9560~105 Stuffing Quantity(20’/40’/40’HQ)set132/270/30675/165/18975/165/18960/120/12360/120/123Commercial Air Conditioner manufacturers website:

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