September 24, 2023

Global Medical Supply Delivery Services Market Health,Growth,Demand,Opportunity 2020-2028

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Raising focus on advancement in the healthcare system to reduce supply chain costs are boosting demand for delivery services. Additionally, expansion of healthcare logistics and raising demand for cost-effective and faster delivery of samples and specimens driving the growth of market. Moreover, increasing geriatric population creating the high demand of urgent medicine and driving the growth of market. Additionally, emergency services are expected to exhibit the highest growth near the future. Additionally, drone-based transportation of medicine fuelling the growth of market. For instance, in September 2018, Bloodstream used drone-based transportation has developed the revolutionized supply of blood, vaccines, emergency medicines, anti-snake venom, and defibrillators in rural areas.

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LogistiCare Solutions, LLC

FedEx Corporation

CEVA Logistics

The Wing

International SOS


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