How to use Bimatoprost to your advantage?

Bimatoprost available under the name Lumigan/Careprost is a prostaglandin analog used in the treatment of ocular conditions. Belonging to the prostaglandin analog group, you can buy Bimatoprost online which works on various parts of the ocular surface for protection and aesthetic enhancement of the eye. Treatment of glaucomatous conditions was the initial function of Bimatoprost after which it was successfully developed for use as lash serum. 

How does it work

Bimatoprost as an anti-glaucoma medication

Bimatoprost 0.01% is used in the treatment of glaucomatous conditions and in patients diagnosed with open-angle glaucoma. Glaucoma is an intraocular condition of uncontrolled pressure that if not diagnosed or treated in a timely manner can result in irreversible vision loss. Regular use of Bimatoprost in patients diagnosed with POAG/ PCG not only helps in stabilizing the vision and preventing further loss but also takes care of the symptomatic issues caused by high intraocular pressure like pain, sensitivity on blinking, halos around light, and extreme conditions of photophobia. 

Usually, Bimatoprost works on the trabecular meshwork and uses- the scleral outflow of the eye to regulate the intraocular pressure and control the damage caused by excess eye pressure. In such conditions, the medication is required to be used lifelong by the patient for preventing them from going blind/ severely visually impaired. The medication is used once daily, preferably at night time because the patient lies down in a sleeping/ supine position during that time which helps regulate the pressure in a better manner. For glaucoma patients, Bimatoprost is available under the names of Careprost and Lumigan. It is a schedule 4 medication and is available strictly by prescription. 

Bimatoprost as a lash serum

The use of Bimatoprost as a lash serum was initiated after researchers’ glaucoma patients reported longer and denser lashes as a side-effect of using Bimatoprost. Once its effectiveness was established for lash growth, it was modified and in due course approved for use as a lash growth serum. Bimatoprost 0.03% is currently one of the most popular and very few serums to be FDA approved for use in hypotrichosis of lashes. It is available under the brand names Latisse and Careprost and like glaucoma, the version is a prescription medication. 

What makes Bimatoprost more effective than its other lash growth counterparts is the fact that it works on the growth phases of hair to achieve the desired results. Lash growth like that of other hair follicles is divided into 4 stages

Anagen phase – active phase of hair growth 

Catagen phase – phase of hair growth in which the active growth halts

Telogen phase – preparation phase of the hair follicle to be shed 

Exogen phase – shedding phase or stage of lash growth

While the loss of lashes is normal when followed by lash regrowth, it is when the lash growth is not preceded by new lash growth is when it is considered abnormal. Other lash serums work externally on the surface of the lashes because of which their effectiveness is compromised. Bimatoprost works on the growth phases of hair and prolongs the anagen phase along with converting the telogen and catagen phases into growth phases to achieve the desired lash growth. Additionally, it works on the keratin content of the lashes to increase their pigmentation resulting in darker lashes. 

Don’t stay in a misconception that if you are above 18 years of age, you are eligible for Bimatoprost. That is not true at all. Every drug comes with certain usage restrictions and so does Bimatoprost. It is imperative that you would abide by those restrictions for sure. In case you are not sure, ask your doctor before you start taking the medication. It will help you keep off from its negative side effects for sure.


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