September 27, 2023

Major Players in Healthcare Sector Indonesia: Ken Research

With the Indonesian population becoming more technologically savvy and shifting from conventional healthcare methods to contemporary health tech services, there is an expected upswing in the demand for health tech.


  • Impressive user base of over 30 Mn monthly active users and network of 40,000 qualified doctors.
  • Partnerships between domestic health tech platforms and healthcare professionals to ensure access to doctors through digital platforms.
  • In Indonesia ~220 Mn individuals projected to rely on the public universal healthcare program provided by BPJS.
  • Partnerships between health tech startups and a vast network of 20,000 doctors, 1,000 hospitals, and clinics.

In 2021, it was discovered that ~65% of participants allocated less than 100 thousand Indonesian rupiah towards digital health applications. With over ~30 Mn monthly active users and a network of over ~40,000 qualified doctors, the health-tech platform has established itself as the foremost telemedicine application in Indonesia.

1. Calling Doctors: Indonesia’s Growing Need for Doctors

Halo Doctor Subscriber Indonesia

Market Growth Factors Indonesia Health Tech Market

Increasing demand for doctors and healthcare practitioners on platforms. More partnerships with doctors, rising budgets in hospitals, and entry of healthcare IT providers will drive the industry’s revenue growth. To ensure access to doctors through platforms, domestic platforms are forming partnerships with a growing roster of healthcare professionals. Indonesia suffers from a significant shortage of doctors. Based on 2021 World Health Organization statistics, Indonesia’s doctor-patient ratio stood at 2.1 doctors per 10,000 patients, significantly lower than the recommended 1:600 ratio.

2. Collaboration Roadmap: Partnering with Ecosystems for Long-Term Success?

Registered Pharmacy Healthtech Industry Indonesia

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Roughly half of the Indonesian population, totaling ~220Mn individuals, is projected to rely on the public universal healthcare program provided by BPJS. The Indonesia Health Tech Market is the sum total of revenue of E-pharmacy, Appointment booking platforms, tele-medicine platforms and IT solution providers for healthcare.​Indonesia health Tech projects will involve collaboration with a network comprising 20,000 doctors, along with 1,000 hospitals and clinics.

3. Indonesia’s Health Tech Titans in Action

Investors In Healthtech Market Indonesia

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The bankruptcy of Proteus Digital Health, previously valued at $1.5 Bn, serves as a wake-up call for aspiring digital health unicorns. digital-first players like Halodoc and Alodokter have been scaling up tech platforms to offer a growing portfolio of digital health services. In 2019, health data in Indonesia reached a reported value of ~120,100 Tn IDR, demonstrating an increase from the previous figure of ~111,000 Tn IDR in 2018. The government’s health budget is regularly updated on an annual basis, with an average of 40,000 Tn IDR from December 2005 to 2019.

According to Ken Research, Indonesia’s health-tech industry has witnessed significant growth and has established itself as a leading telemedicine application with a large user base and a network of qualified doctors. Partnerships with healthcare professionals and collaborations with the public healthcare program have contributed to its success.

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