Medical Transcription

Medical transcription is a process whereby a medical practitioner dictates their

clinical notes into a digital recorder , which is then transcribed by a medical

transcriptionist . The medical transcriptionist will listen to the recording and

type out a verbatim transcript , which is then sent back to the medical

practitioner for review .

The medical transcription process is important in ensuring that an accurate

record of a patient’s medical history is maintained . This can be useful in

providing a complete picture of a patient’s health , and can be invaluable in

diagnosing and treating conditions .

There is a growing demand for medical transcription services , as more and

more medical practitioners are recognising the importance of accurate and up

to-date medical records . If you are considering a career in medical

transcription , then you will need to have good listening skills , excellent typing

skills , and a keen eye for detail .

Medical transcription is a process whereby medical reports and other related

documentation are transcribed from audio recordings made by physicians and

other healthcare professionals . In order to be a medical transcriptionist , one

must have excellent listening skills , knowledge of medical terminology , and

superb attention to detail . The demand for medical transcriptionists is

expected to grow in the coming years as the healthcare industry expands .

With the aging population and the increasing prevalence of chronic diseases ,

there will be a greater need for medical transcriptionists to document patient

care. If you are interested in a career in medical transcription , you will need to

complete a formal training program . Once you have completed your training ,

you will be able to work from home or in a hospital setting .

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