Save the sadistic

He put up with it again and again, and finally raised his elbow to the young man’s abdomen: “Be honest with me!”! Think about something all day long! With a cry of pain, Xiao Heng fell down and closed his eyes tightly. Si Mingxu was in a hurry and threw himself on him. “Ah Heng, what’s wrong with you?”? Is there any pain? I.. I didn’t push very hard. He thought that Xiao Heng had just gouged out the soul core, and for a moment he panicked so much that his voice was hoarse, and he regretted it in his heart. It’s just a few stupid words. Why should he take the child seriously? Xiao Heng quietly opened his eyes a crack, suddenly reached out and grabbed his collar and pulled it hard. Unprepared, Si Mingxu immediately fell on his chest and was hugged by the young man. He immediately knew that he had been deceived again, while hating his seven-second goldfish memory is not a long lesson, while doubting whether his education is a big problem: “Xiao Heng, you!”! How did you become like this? Xiao Heng laughed so hard that he couldn’t breathe. He put his arm around him firmly. He refused to let him get up shamelessly and dared to tickle him. Si Mingxu was very ticklish, and his body immediately softened: “Ha ha ha..” Don’t, don’t.. You stop it.. Ha ha ha I can’t stand it. The two of them frolicked and rolled together, almost forgetting where they were and what night it was. After a long time, the two of them were tired, so they snuggled up to each other and stared at the warm bonfire. This is obviously the most dangerous secret place in the world, but at this time it is like a gentle place in the world. Xiao Heng held Si Mingxu tightly, feeling the real temperature and weight in his arms,touch screen board classroom, fearing that it would be another wishful and illusory dream. He couldn’t help lowering his head and pecking and kissing the man’s dark hair, tender earlobes and white neck, as if he were sure of something. Si Mingxu was a little itchy and couldn’t help slanting his head. Thinking that the warmth between his chest and abdomen was formed by the spirit core of the youth, his heart was so soft that he even raised his neck slightly, so that Xiao Heng could bite and lick his neck Adam’s apple more conveniently, instead of pulling the wound of the spirit core to the man’s chest. Xiao Heng perceived his intention,smart boards for conference rooms, and his heart was filled with unspeakable tender joy. As he kissed and nibbled, he murmured in a low voice, “Brother Mingxu, I’m really happy..” Why are you so good, so good. Do you think this is true? Are you really willing to accept me? Am I dreaming again? I’m afraid, I’m afraid to wake up later, all this is just a dream. You’ve eaten me up and you think you’re dreaming? I have lost too much. Si Mingxu was tossed about by him for a long time, and he was powerless.

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