Single Mattress for Your Bedroom or a Cheap Double Mattress?

Restful sleep is important for your activities if you want to have energy the next day. To get a healthy night’s sleep and not wake up with back or neck pain in the morning, you need a good, ergonomic, high, or thin mattress in your bedroom. Whether you prefer a spring mattress, memory foam, quality sponge, or an ergonomic mattress that respects the anatomical shape of your body, a single mattress, or a cheap double mattress, you need one for a good night’s sleep. Because it facilitates sleep and therefore creates a healthier life. Mattresses are one of the strengths of a balanced sleep routine.

Invariably, the quality of our sleep directly influences our quality of life and our performance throughout the day. Sleep quality and comfort level are directly determined by the surface we rest on, in this case, the bed mattress. That is why we believe that the best bed mattresses should be made with effective information beforehand, precisely so that we can choose the right product for our needs and then make the best decision. It is not easy to find a mattress that fully meets our requirements, therefore, a starting point and, most importantly, is to identify our needs step by step.

How Do I Know What Type of Mattress Is Best for Me?

This is the first question you should answer and should be the starting point, how do you like to sleep. The mattress industry has also developed progressively over time, and following studies and research, manufacturers have brought a wide range of models to the market, so that the final buyer can choose the best bed mattress. Around the world, we find all types of mattresses, such as:

  • memory foam mattresses
  • mattresses on individual or single springs
  • orthopedic or super orthopedic mattress
  • crossover mattresses
  • polyurethane mattresses
  • water mattresses
  • combination mattresses with both polyurethane and memory foam in their composition

What Is the Best Size for the Single Mattress?

The size of the right single mattress should always be judged according to the size of the inside of the bed on which you are going to put the mattress. However, if you have not purchased a bed either, then there are other aspects to consider when determining the right size. Firstly, you need to decide whether you are going for a single mattress or you want a double mattress with more space for two. Below, is presented a small guide to the correct model.

  • For a single person XS we will choose 70 x 180 cm or 70 x 200 cm
  • For an S person we will choose 90 x 190 cm or 90 x 200 cm
  • For person L we choose 100 x 190 cm
  • For an XL person we choose 120 x 190 cm

Of course, this table is only a guideline, the dimensions may vary depending on the dimensions required by the space where you are going to place the bed. If you have a spacious bedroom, you can opt, for example, for a mattress for two people with a size of even 180 x 200 cm, even if your waist is not XL. In addition, on a mattress of this size, you can fit a couple, but also a small child.

How Thick Should a Mattress Be?

In principle, the best bed mattresses are between 15-25 cm thick. To choose the right mattress for your needs, you need to consider your body weight and the type of mattress. While lighter people might opt for thinner mattresses, heavier people should opt for a thicker mattress. Also, for mattresses with new springs, our recommendation would be to go for a mattress at least 22 cm thick. For models without springs, just latex or foam, the ideal mattress should be at least 15 cm thick.

In general, it is recommended that the mattress should still be at least 18 cm thick for maximum comfort and effective support. More expensive models can achieve a thickness of up to 30 cm, but these are usually very expensive and not everyone can afford them. But at the same time, you may consider a cheap double mattress.

Why Is It Important to Change Your Mattress?

Whether it’s a box spring mattress, a memory foam mattress, a bamboo mattress, a children’s bed mattress, a baby bed mattress, or an adult bed mattress, the choice should be made with maximum care and responsibility. Both the comfort and the health of those who use it will depend on that mattress. Back and joint pain, insomnia, and the harmonious growth of children are all influenced by the quality of the sleeping mattress. Sleep is very important to you. During sleep the cells regenerate, and so the organs function properly. By choosing the best bed mattress you influence your health and your mood. We all know that after a sleepless night our body does not function properly.

Buying a bed mattress is one of the most important purchases you can make for your home because it is the “piece of furniture” you spend most of your time on. Whether you’re buying a bed mattress because your old one has deteriorated or because it’s been too long since you’ve changed your mattress, it’s very important to know how to choose the best bed mattress. Generally, it is good to change your bed mattress after 8 – 10 years because it deteriorates, and you can’t get enough rest on it. Now that you know the reasons why it is good to change your bed mattress, and how it can affect your life, it is time to find out how to choose the best bed mattress.

cheap double mattress

Where to Find a Cheap Double Mattress?

The mattress is an important part of the bedroom, providing comfort and relaxation. According to Feng Shui principles, a bed mattress should be of high quality, covered with fine materials, and comfortable, to ensure a relaxing and restful sleep.

To find a quality and cheap double mattress, you need to look into all the aspects mentioned above before making the final decision to buy it. Don’t worry, there are cheap and quality mattresses on the market.

There is no universal mattress that will suit everyone, but there are types of mattresses that suit the way you rest, the position you sleep in, or your body weight. We spoke to an orthopedic doctor about the properties a mattress should have so that you and your back don’t suffer in the long run. Since every aspect of our health comes first, we will aim to buy one of the best single mattresses on the market if we are single, and if we are in a household, we will choose a cheap double mattress whose price/quality report is the right one.

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