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An exercise stress test is primarily used to help your doctor determine if your heart receives enough oxygen and proper blood flow when it needs it most, such as when you are exercising.

It can be ordered for people who have been experiencing chest pains or other symptoms of coronary heart disease (also called coronary artery disease).

An exercise stress test may also be used to help determine your level of health, especially if you are starting a new exercise program. This allows your doctor to learn what level of exercise you can safely handle.

If you are a smoker over 40 years old, or if you have other risk factors for heart disease, you should talk to your doctor to see if an exercise stress test is right for you.

How to prepare for an exercise stress test

Prior to your test, Dr. Dhananjay Ware will perform a physical exam and ask about your complete medical history. At this point, tell your doctor about your symptoms, especially any chest pains or shortness of breath.

You should also tell your doctor about any conditions or symptoms that may make exercising difficult, such as stiff joints from arthritis.

Finally, let your doctor know if you have diabetes because exercise affects blood sugar. If you do have diabetes, your doctor may want to monitor your blood glucose levels during the exercise test as well.

Dr. Dhananjay Ware will give you complete instructions about how to prepare..

Food and medications

Dr. Dhananjay Ware may instruct you to avoid eating or drinking caffeinated beverages for 3 hours before the test. You should also avoid smoking.

You should only stop taking medications before the test if your doctor tells you to do so.

How an exercise stress test is performed

You’ll start off by walking slowly on a treadmill. The speed and grade of the treadmill will be increased as the test continues.

If you experience any difficulties — especially, chest pains, weakness, or fatigue — you may ask to stop the test.

When your doctor is satisfied with your results, you’ll be able to stop exercising. Your heart rate and breathing will continue to be monitored for a short while afterward. Dr. Dhananjay Ware provides the best treatment for stress test in Ahmednagar.

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