What is IVF treatment, and Is it safe to have a child?

Millions of couples face issues conceiving a child, leading them to depression and sadness. The discovery of many assisted reproductive techniques relieves the stress of biologically infertile people having a child. This article will help you learn about ‘How is the treatment done at one of the best IVF centre in Punjab?’

What is IVF treatment?

IVF (In-vitro fertilization) is a test-tube baby treatment in which there is a practice of conceiving a child outside the women’s body in a laboratory. It involves processing a woman’s eggs with a man’s sperm in a lab to turn them into an embryo. Then, the processed embryo goes into the womb through the vagina. And pregnancy happens if any of the embryos get stuck in the womb lining. If you want a recommendation for the best test tube baby centre in Punjab go through this article.

Steps of IVF Treatment

Here is the step-by-step guide to the IVF process:

  • The first step is to inject hormones into women to grow follicles inside the ovary to help eggs reach the maturity stage.

  • Secondly, there is fetching of eggs from the ovary.

  • Third, Through the help of a vaginal ultrasound probe, there is a removal of eggs.

  • Fourth comes the requirement of a fresh sample of the man’s sperm on the same day the woman’s egg retrieval occurs.

  • Fifth, Combine eggs and sperms in a Petri dish and then keep them in an incubator for a few days.

  • Once an embryo forms, it is transferred to the woman’s uterus. If you are looking for the Best IVF doctor in Punjab at the end of this article, I will address your search here.

When should one think about having IVF treatment?

Here are some specific reasons if you are facing any one of them you can go for IVF treatment :

  • Blockage of Fallopian Tubes

There can be partial or complete blockage of fallopian tubes, affecting the egg’s traveling in the tube.

  • Polycystic Ovary (PCOS)

PCOS occurs due to hormonal imbalance leading to infertility issues in women as ovaries become incompetent in raising eggs to maturity.

  • Severe Endometriosis

Tissues that outline the uterus outgrow it and extend to areas like ovaries, fallopian tubes, or the pelvic cavity. Thus, IVF treatment simplifies collecting eggs, sperms, and embryos from the pelvic environment.

  • Maternal age of women

Age is a critical factor in women’s pregnancy. With growing age, the body starts producing fewer eggs, and the quality of eggs also decreases. In this condition, women can go for this treatment.

  • Diminishing of Ovarian Reserve

Decreasing ovarian reserves implies a decrease in the quantity and quality of eggs.

  • Endometrial Polyps

Finger-like substances that grow in the uterine cavity can lead to a reduction in fertility.

  • Male Factor Infertility

It occurs when there is the degradation of sperm function or semen is found abnormal.

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