Why do doctors consider endometriosis the primary cause of infertility?

Visiting a gynecologist is very common nowadays. The main reason behind this is changing lifestyle habits and poor diet habits. These days, women prefer to eat fast and fried food in the market rather than making it at home. These bad habits compel women to visit the hospital. The Best Gynaecologist clinic in Ludhiana states that the heavy consumption of fast and fried food is the biggest enemy of pregnant ladies and women who want to conceive their baby shortly. It will decrease your chances of natural pregnancy conception.

Moreover, some women may feel too much pain during their menses cycle. It will also happen due to unhealthy food consumption that leads to the hormonal imbalance in your body and starts creating obstacles in your path of natural pregnancy conception. If you are suffering from period pain, contact the best gynae doctor in Ludhiana.

Define endometriosis?

Endometriosis is the unwanted tissue that sometimes grows in the outer side of the uterus lining and creates severe pain when a woman gets monthly periods. These tissues are known as endometrium, which sometimes leads to the issue of infertility. It will take too much time to develop but is very dangerous and influences the fertility of women’s reproductive system. The primary symptom of this condition is pelvic pain.

How do you recognize this condition?

Generally, you may feel too much pain in your reproductive-linked organs such as fallopian tubes, uterus, pelvic (abdomen area), etcetera. Besides this, you may experience the below-mentioned issues.

  • Pain with intercourse: Under the condition of endometriosis, you may feel too much pain when having sexual intercourse with your partner.

  • Painful periods (dysmenorrhea): Cramping and pelvic pain occur when your period cycle begins and is about to start. You will experience heavy pain in your stomach area and back.

  • Pain with bowel movements or urination: You may also face severe pain during your menses and while going to pass urine in periods.

  • Excessive bleeding: Sometimes, during your period, you experience heavy blood flow during menses (intermenstrual bleeding) that causes severe pain and weakness and blood starvation.

  • Infertility: In many ladies, the issue of endometriosis gives birth to the exclaimed infertility.

  • Other signs and indications: Women can also feel bloating or nausea, fatigue, diarrhea, and constipation, especially during menstrual periods.

How to treat endometriosis and its signs?

Under this condition, every woman holds different signs. Thus, there are two primary forms of treatment: surgical and oral medication cure. Our doctors will not recommend you to opt for the surgical procedure until you do not feel any positive reaction from your oral medication treatment (that includes acupuncture, mindfulness practice, better lifestyle adoptions and massage, etcetera). If you do not see any positive outcome from your non-surgical cure, you will send for the operation in which a doctor may eradicate your ovary, uterus, etcetera.

Moreover, suppose you are passing beneath the oral cure. In that case, you should also add regular exercises to overcome your body fat because obesity is a rising factor that stimulates infertility. Therefore, self-care plays a huge role in becoming healthy and fighting against ailments like intromissions.

If you want to clear any doubt that may arise in your mind related to female reproductive enemies, come to the Ludhiana Gastro and gynae Centre.

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