Do not try DIY Methods for Wasp Nest Removal

Wasps are airborne assailants and they can deliver fearful stings when you try to stop them or swat them. Wasps unlike rodents are not repulsive but can be terrifying experience when you come face to face with them. Wasps have this tendency to attack without reason and they will assume you as a threat to their nest if you are passing by. The difference between rodents and wasps is, rodents will disappear as soon as they hear or sense your footsteps but wasps will react to your proximity or sighting by stinging you aggressively. It means they are not afraid of your while rodents are. You should keep this in mind while taking adventurous DIY wasp removal tactics. If wasps are there in your house call BBPP, the best wasp nest removal Maple and leave the task to them and they will do it smoothly with their expertise and experience.

Wasp nest removal is not as easy as you may think. When you sight a wasps’ nest hanging from the ceiling or tree, it may look vulnerable. You may even think of shooting down the honeycomb shape nest with well aimed throw of stone or bashing it out of existence with a baseball bat. Such attempts would prove foolish because it is not a comprehensive solution. There are many things to consider while taking such futile measures and they are:

  • Wasps like yellow jackets sting at sight. They will swarm you and attack in a concerted way if you go near their nest. By the time you decide to attack with a baseball bat or stone they will be all over you cutting all your escape routes.
  • You cannot assume that all wasps will be present when you decide to remove the nest by the above measures. Some of the wasps would be out and scavenging food or hunting insects. Wasps are too quick and some of them will escape your attack and alert other wasps nearby by sending signals through a pheromone released from their bodies.
  • Physically attacking a nest with the intention of removing the nest mostly results in owners getting stung by angry wasps multiple times and seeking medical help
  • Wasps’ nests are sometimes found in lofty places such as ceiling, roof, trees, attic etc. It is dangerous to remove them from these places because you may fall down and get injured when wasps start retaliating
  • Yellow jacket wasps build nests underground and seek burrows abandoned by rodents. Here they construct multiple cells to accommodate thousands of wasps. When they build nests they also open up several entry and exit points by digging earth. You may be thinking on the lines of pouring hot water in to the mouth of the burrow or filling it with sand and stones. This won’t happen because wasps will escape through the umpteen exit points they have created and launch an attack from multiple sides.
  • You should rule out taking them out physically because it is not possible with your limited knowledge and resources and also the lack of wasp extermination experience.

Use professional wasp nests removal services

Wasps come in different shapes, sizes, colors and inclinations and without proper knowledge of each of these species it will be dangerous to try eliminating them on your own. It is important that you observe them from a distance and try to identify them. Yellow jackets, hornets, paper wasps and other social wasps are dangerous and they will retaliate immediately with fearsome stings if they feel that they are under attack from you. Wasps’ attacks have claimed many lives in the South East Asian regions where the dreaded Asian giant hornets are found. Yellow jackets of European origin are highly dangerous because they have a ferocious temperament and can attack without a trigger. You should think on the lines of engaging professional wasps extermination teams such as BBPP, most experienced wasps nest removal Richmond hill and also popular in nearby towns owing to their affordable but effective wasp removal success. Being professionals they will come equipped with the right protective gear, equipment, method and technology. They will use the right pesticide and other effective procedures that are environmentally approved to exterminate wasps. You can contact the pest control company on phone number 647-910-6315 or by sending mail and also get a free quote in the process.

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